Best Interior Designers in Mysore

Best Interior Designer in Mysore

Interior design is much more than just making your home or office look good; it’s about giving character to any space through the use of colours, themes, accessories, and furniture. That’s what we believe at De Panache, the best interior designers in Mysore. Through our team of professional interior designers, we offer comprehensive solutions for interiors in both residential and commercial settings.

Who We Are

De Panache is an interior design company with its headquarters in Bangalore. We started off on a small scale, offering interior design solutions to clients only in Bangalore. However, as our work started to garner great appreciation, we decided to expand and provide services not just in Bangalore, but in prominent cities such as Hyderabad and Mysore as well.

What We Do

Residential Interior Design

A home is not really a home if it does not make you feel relaxed and at peace. Your home should have interiors that make living convenient and comfortable so that whenever you get back from somewhere, you put all your stresses and worries to bed.

At De Panache, we boast of some of the finest interior designers in the business, who are experts at creating stunning interiors for your residence, be it an expansive multi-storey house or a small yet simple abode with everything on a single floor.

Based on our clients’ preferences, we develop our solutions from scratch and seek feedback to make sure that our interior design lives up to every expectation of the clients. Our team of interior designers in Mysore can dish out the most delightful designs for kitchen, gallery, master bedroom, kids’ rooms and all other spaces in your residence.

Apartment Interior Design

The layouts of apartments are much different from those typically found in houses. However, the differences don’t stop us at De Panache from offering our services to those who live in apartments.

In fact, we welcome the challenges that come with interior design for apartments. Through sheer commitment and dedication to our clients, we conjure up solutions that don’t just look good but feel amazing as well.

Best Interior Designers in Mysore

Why Us

  • For a Team of Interior Designers Who are the Best in the Business

When you want to have the interiors of your house or apartment designed, you want the best interior designers to ensure solutions that fully satisfy you.

At De Panache, the best is what we boast of. Our team of interior designers are all thoroughly trained and qualified and have the technical knowledge required to work with a vast variety of layouts and spaces.

  • For Creating Interiors Based On Your Demands:

You may not be a qualified interior designer, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have ideas for your home’s interiors. At De Panache, we appreciate clients who are honest about what they want.

Once we have noted all of the client’s demands and requirements, our team gets creative keeping the client’s ideas in mind. Not only do we consider the client’s ideas, but we do everything we can to ensure that we can enhance and improve on those ideas using our technical know-how.

  • For Quality Consultation

Just because we are a business doesn’t mean that we will try to upsell our services to prospective clients. At De Panache, we understand that interior design is a major investment, with comprehensive interior design solutions being as expensive as Rs. 25 lakhs these days.

That’s why we encourage our clients to talk to us first. Our consultants can help you in deciding on the kind of interior design that would best suit your needs. We give you, our potential client, all the time in the world to see what kind of De Panache solutions suit your budget, so you can choose based on your financial capabilities.

Interior Design Services in Other Cities: Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune

As we mentioned before, our services are not restricted to Bangalore homes anymore. The fact that we have expanded means that now, you can avail De Panache’s quality interior design services and solutions in Hyderabad, Mysore, and Pune as well.

This means that residents in Mysore, Pune, and Hyderabad don’t have to worry about designing their interiors anymore. With De Panache in your city to help you, you are guaranteed to enjoy the finest interior design services at pretty competitive prices.

De Panache’s quality interior design services and solutions in Hyderabad, Mysore, and Pune as well.

Achievements in Past

Over the years, De Panache has satisfied many homeowners through its interior design solutions. Some of our past clients have included directors of some of the top MNCs in India and numerous South Indian celebrities.

We at De Panache have built our present based on the work we have done in the past. We look forward to provide quality work so that we can expand and offer our services to even more people in the future.

So, get in touch with our expert interior designers in Mysore today! Call us on 080 4095 2727 during office hours from Monday – Saturday to schedule an appointment.


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