Brigade Property



This Brigade Property in Mysore Road was designed as a holiday home for an NRI couple who wished to spend just a couple of months in Bangalore by interior decorators in Bangalore. The whole house has got a sunshine modern interior which has some lively and warm hues of yellow ochre being mixed with it. The teak sandstone stacking is used to clad the accent wall of the living room. The wall washer creates a scallop effect on the stone-clad surface.



The whole interior has been decorated and made perfect with soft furnishings with various shades of yellow ochre. It has been decked up with sophisticated furniture with super quality, expressing vibrant welcoming energy in every corner of the interior.



The whole décor has been inspired by the dance of sunlight which gets light and dynamic energy to the interior space. The architrave with the niches defines the free-flowing space between the kitchen and the dinning. We have an exciting beauty in the dining corner. Handmade sandstone depicting the falling of the autumn maple leaves has been shown there which is an exclusive material by interior design Bangalore. It is an ode to the autumn season which brings new hope in our life-giving us an entirely new season to look forward. The beautiful chandelier which hangs above the four seated wooden dining table makes the place look more vibrant.



We have given a spacious kitchen for the family. The backsplash of the kitchen has been done with glass mosaics with all the modern amenities we have presented this whole new modular kitchen. The storage cabinets have got the soft closing shutters and German fixtures for making the handling smoother and easier. With ease, we have a mixed style, elegance, and functionality. The storage cabinets have been fixed with mood lights, covered with a glass shield that reflects the light and makes the place look spacious and modern.  

Coming to the master bedroom we have tried to make it look bigger and so we have covered up the whole space in stark white combining it with sunshine yellow. The huge wall-mounted wardrobes also define the space quite well. Along with it, the king-size bed has been fixed with the layers of headboard designs which has indirect lighting with it. The backdrop has been done smartly with vinyl-coated wall coverings in which each wall has a story to entail- the story of beauty and the story of elegance.  

This multifunctional this study cum dance area in the solid color makes the whole interior speak a story of its own. In white and yellow combinations we have tried to match the sitting chairs with the study unit. A large mirror covering on one side of the room has been provided for dance. 

The guest room has a very strong headboard backdrop pattern created with vertical elements of ever-changing width that makes a continuous pair with the whole interior space. Owing to the small space of the room we have fixed the dresser at the entrance of the room fixed with the wardrobe. The panel lights in each of the vertical elements highlight the whole backdrop. The entire house has its own rhythm; it speaks a whole new story. It welcomes the warmth and the brightness of the sunshine. The story of light and shadow helping to make memories in a playful mood. Thus, it says Come and Step into the light.