Trichy Villa

Trichy Villa is a luxurious residential project opening whose door you will step into the world of aristocratic living. The flamboyant design envelops a living room, dining, foyer, bedrooms, washrooms and an indoor garden- each of these spaces speaking the language of elegance.

The accent wall of the double heighted living room is clad with CITCO rose design in multiple layers. While the other wall has veneer with Swarovski crystals embedded within. A crystal chandelier in contemporary design serves as the cherry of the cake!

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To let your food to be served in the plate of magnificence, the table top, in the dining space, has been made up of semi precious white quartz. Mesmerizingly, once back lit, the table illuminates the entire space.

The entrance foyer is clad in a console, carved out of semi precious white quartz. This space is further ornamented with a crystal chandelier that transfixes our gaze.

The bedrooms are architectured in multiple layers of headboard with cove lightening ceiling which also speaks of the same design language as that of the headboard, interspersed with layers of mood lightening.

To store the garments and other keepings, the wardrobes have been well planned with all necessary accessories from Hettich.

The washrooms are also set in the matrix of convex traventine mosaic combined with Italian marble.

The most alluring space in the entire villa is the Indoor Garden. Its heart-warming features are water curtain, outdoor cane furniture, water proof fabrics and artificial cane lightening system that projects a dramatic effect of light and shadow on the floor.

Thus, in Trichy Villa is your that dream abode where modernity kisses the countenance of grace and poshness.