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Villa 01

Luxury has been redefined in true sense in this 6000 sq feet villa. First thing that will steal the show is the foyer that showcases a console designed with semi precious white quartz topped with a majestic crystal chandelier.

As you move towards the living room, your eyes will be caught up with walls, one side of which has been made up of vineyard studded with Swarovski crystals and another side with CITCO rose design in multiple layers. The crystal chandelier on ceiling ornate the whole decor of the living room and the rose petal chairs concludes the ornamentation.

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De panache has taken the same contemporary design to its dining room. Table top made up of semiprecious white quartz that illuminates once back-lit adds to the sheer elegance of this villa.

When it comes to designing bedrooms, we have given special emphasis on each individual using the rooms. Master bedroom has been designed with beige and white lights with multiple layers of headboards. The cove lightning on the ceiling also speaks of the same design language that will guarantee you to take faster steps to your dreams after setting up the right positive mood by our signature moon light false ceiling light design. For the bedroom for kids, we have done our best to make it look as beautiful and graceful as the kids themselves. Sicis floral design on the headboard together with Maya Sarnoff glass beads on wall coverings is sure to set a bewitching mood for them all the time. Guest bedrooms have been given separate designs. One with laser cut acrylic solid surfaces and the other sea wave mosaic walls both combined with the perfect mood lightning are sure to make the guests admire the luxury of this mansion.

One of the posh corners of this villa is the indoor garden and we have left no stones unturned to make it feel closest to nature's lap. Water curtains is one of the main attractions of this house. The ambience has been rightly setup using artificial cane lights that creates a dramatic effect of light and shadow on the floorings of the garden. Outdoor cane furniture and waterproof fabrics are tactically placed to counter the adverse effects of nature quite brilliantly.

One of the stress-busting places for all of us is the washroom. De-Panache has introduced accent walls cladding with S.S. 304xxx and Sicis hand cut floral glass mosaic combined with Italian marbles to complete the four walls. It gives a serene happiness to your soul as you wash away all your stress under the shower