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De Panache has been creating top-quality interior designs for over 10 years. Our ability to listen and distil the key components of our clients’ needs and desires is what enables her to prepare functional space planning. With a team of passionate interior designers, we are always pushing the bar by doing something unique and exciting for our clients.

Choosing to work with Depanache will save you countless hours defining and enhancing your own distinctive style. Our team is highly skilled at space planning, and furniture arrangement and will provide you with a design that makes daily living functional, safe and comfortable. We source materials across the globe and give our clients an array of different combinations to choose from.

Having completed a variety of projects in both the residential and commercial sectors, our reputation has been built on thoughtful, creative and intuitively responsive design tailored to reflect the wishes of clients.

Who are we?

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Atreyee Choudhury

Atreyee Choudhury, a visionary in the world of interior design, serves as the Founder and Principal Interior Architect of De Panache, an esteemed firm specializing in luxury residential interiors that embody her unique design sensibilities and unwavering commitment to excellence. Her B.Arch studies at VTU and exposure to distinguished guest lecturers from prestigious international institutions (Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA School) in London) instilled in her a profound interest in interior design as the primary focus of her professional pursuits. De Panache was founded with the vision of specializing in luxury residential interiors, serving an elite clientele, and delivering distinctive, creative homes that exceed industry benchmarks.

Through De Panache, Atreyee has pushed the boundaries of interior design by exploring innovative spatial concepts, utilizing cutting-edge materials, and incorporating bespoke finishes. Her objective was to construct a company that not only generates visually captivating interiors but also elevates the overall living experience for clients. De Panache’s emphasis on unique, customized residential interiors stands as a testament to Atreyee’s unwavering commitment to excellence and her dedication to delivering spaces that truly set themselves apart.

De Panache boasts a state-of-the-art furniture production factory in Bangalore and a sophisticated interior design studio located in the prominent neighbourhood of Koramangala. Atreyee has created a robust organization, comprising a diverse team of more than 50 number of skilled professionals, including interior designers, architects, craftsmen, and site execution staff. This cohesive team works in tandem to deliver exceptional results across multiple projects simultaneously. The firm’s capacity for parallel project execution is a testament to its efficient management and commitment to meeting clients’ needs.

Furthermore, De Panache’s in-house furniture production factory serves as a significant advantage, enabling the firm to maintain stringent quality control and deliver customized solutions tailored to each client’s specifications. This vertically integrated approach positions De Panache as a true execution powerhouse within the interior design industry, ensuring seamless project management and exceptional results.

Atreyee is part of various animal welfare programs and does her part in running her own welfare program for street dogs in the Koramangala 3rd & 4th Block area. #DePanacheCares takes care of food, shelter & medical expenses for more than 3 dozen street dogs daily and has 2 full-time staff allocated for the cause.

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