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De Panache is one of the leading Interior Design Firms in Bangalore, experienced and expert interior designers. Our company has the best interior designs.

We work across India. Our clients are remarkably diverse. We help them transform their house into home.

We at De Panache strive to define a space that has a story to be told. An imagination that can be turned into reality is our ultimate goal when we welcome a client.

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Why Choose Us?

De Panache has been creating top quality interior designs for over 10 years. Our ability to listen and distil the key components of her clients’ needs and desires is what enables her to prepare functional space planning. With a team of passionate interior designers, we are always pushing the bar by doing something unique and exciting for our clients.

Choosing to work with Depanache will save you countless hours defining and enhancing your own distinctive style. Our team is highly skilled at space planning, furniture arrangement and will provide you with a design that makes daily living functional, safe and comfortable. We source materials accross the globe and give our clients an array of different combinations to choose from.

Having completed a variety of projects in both the residential and commercial sectors, our reputation has been built on thoughtful, creative and intuitively responsive design tailored to reflect the wishes of clients.

Creative homes from our team Our team consists of people pertaining to excellence in their domain.
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Project Manager

Our men on the ground zero aka project managers are civil engineers who specialize in day to day operations of ensuring that all the execution works are done exactly as per the 3D designs and specifications approved. Once a project comes to us, our site engineers bring the final blueprint into action. 

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We have a strict process on our recruitment and look for candidates who share the passion and genes of always striving for excellence. The HR team has a set process on hiring candidates for various roles

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Our team of accountant performs financial functions related to the collection, accuracy, recording, analysis and presentation of a business, organization or company’s financial operations. They ensure we are ready for our presentations and other day to day operations.

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Interior designers

Our team of interior designers who are talented and have had years of experience behind their back of working on diverse projects. They are our first point of contact. 

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Our architects work under the supervision of senior architects and consists of a team of passionate youngsters who know how and what it takes to match our high standards of excellence at work. 

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Principal Architects

Our team consists of Principal architects whose main job is to ensure whatever work and framework have been designed by our junior architects is well made and to the mark. They ensure if a project has been given to us then we ensure the highest level of excellence at work

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