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De Panache interior designers in Bangalore have long been recognised for their outlandish design patterns and elements. The addition of minimalistic design, high-quality finishing, magnificent accent walls, pleasant colour palettes, focus points, and abstract textures in the designs help us achieve the best and most phenomenal design status, which makes us stand out from the crowd!

Our interior design firm in Bangalore provides a wide range of design services to meet every customer’s needs and preferences. Whether it’s a minor decor modification or extensive renovation, the De Panache team does it effectively. The team can cater to any style you choose, whether contemporary, modern, chic, rustic, traditional or just eclectic. So, whether you want a more stylish and sleek room,  or a cosy and comfortable corner to unwind, you are all covered by our super-professional team of designers at De Panache.


We can help you design your dream home!

Our interior design solutions are carefully planned and executed to ensure they meet your exact requirements. We bring life to your space, helping you connect with your surroundings in a meaningful way. Our aim is to bring balance and harmony to the design of each space using unique elements and textures to capture your soul. We can work with you from start to finish, from design concept to final execution, and we will advise you on the best ways to achieve your goals. We believe that every design should be unique to the individual client. Hence, our home interior decorators in Bangalore listen to your wishes, goals, and lifestyle preferences to craft a solution that reflects your personality.

At De Panache, we also focus on building lasting relationships by going the extra mile for our clients. We want to be there for you throughout the entire process – helping you pick a color palette, choosing the best materials for the space, and assisting with decisions like whether to use reclaimed wood or a more contemporary option. When you choose De Panache, you’ll get more than a beautiful room; you’ll also get someone who truly cares about your satisfaction. We don’t just create beautiful home interiors in Bangalore; we create a home that you love. Aesthetics, functionality, and simplicity are key to the creation of our interiors.

What type of projects do we work on?

“Made for you” may be an appropriate word to describe what we do in our interior design process. From minimalistic designs to extensive flowy designs, our team works with all with ease. We have been designing and delivering outstanding home and office interiors since 2010. Our interior designers can grasp the client’s needs and give the best space layout for a house or apartment.

De Panache – an interior design company in Bangalore, is fully equipped by talented and professional engineers and designers who transform your mundane apartment into a sleek design. With a deep focus on outstanding craftsmanship, inventiveness, and capacity to keep commitments on time, the team designs outstanding design and decor solutions for study rooms, home offices, dining rooms, bedrooms, and so on. We are one of the exceptional residential interior designer businesses in Bangalore that can be entrusted to provide outstanding home interiors.

We’ve successfully completed and helped thousands of customers create and design their personal space through our premier interior designing services. Our passion and enthusiasm, combined with our talent and creativity, produce a winning combination that transforms spaces and lives. Our portfolio, which spans over 10 years, includes residential projects of all kinds. We understand the needs of our customers, and we deliver a personalized experience in a high-end atmosphere. Our customers appreciate our passion and our ability to listen to their ideas and translate them into solutions.

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Our Approach to Interior Design

We bring customisation to reality with our flexible and collaborative design process. From the initial consultation through the final process, our group of interior designers will provide you with all the help and advice you need to create a personalised touch in your ideal home.

We have worked with various clients over the years and offer interior design and furnishing services that go beyond styles and finishes. De Panache offers affordable interior design costs in Bangalore, which is completely reasonable. All of our products are crafted using the best materials with a high level of machinery and quality checks.

We let you achieve your ideal home interiors with totally tailored items and quality, with respect for the past and an eye on the future.

This means that we come up with a plan that will help you achieve your vision. We then go about the process of documentation, sketching, and creating the design as per the latest interior design trends with no hidden costs. Summing up, our interior design process involves a lot of research, creativity, and knowledge. The designers at De Panache are also trained in architectural design, so we know how to effectively bring out the best in your home. They have the right knowledge and expertise to handle any type of project, whether it is a large-scale home remodel or a small-scale home renovation. We are also well-known for our attention to detail, work ethic, and exceptional craftsmanship.

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Interior Design Firms in Bangalore

Residential Interior Services

Our team of interior designers is deeply passionate about breathing life into dreary, uninspired spaces, creating a welcoming home environment that you’ll love coming home to. We are always looking for ways to deliver unique interior designs that can liven up the look of your residential home interior. We take into consideration the space, light, and storage of your home to give you a seamless design that is aligned with your needs & work with you to create a living room space that is conducive to the overall feel of your home interior.

Interior Design Companies in Bangalore

Apartment Interior Design

We love creating designs for urbanites who want to inject a touch of grandeur into their homes without sacrificing any of the informality. Every new project presents us with new challenges, but that’s what drives us to create even more beautiful and unique spaces. We always work hard to create stunning home interiors for our clients – something that has made us one of the most respected apartment interior designers in Bangalore. It’s no wonder that best interior designers is a term often associated with us in this city.


Design styles are amazing. I have never had my house looked at by anyone who understood how I wanted it to look. They took the time to listen to what I liked and did not like. My house looks amazing and I am getting compliments from my relatives and my neighbours in the society. — Nidhi K

The interior designers were very professional and helped us in designing a home that is not only beautiful but also functional. Throughout the design phase, they took every one of our ideas into consideration. The interior design style looks beautiful and is a perfect fit for our family. — Praveen S

The design solutions provided were truly amazing! The team’s creativity and innovation played a significant role in transforming our dream home into a reality. I am really impressed with the overall design of the house, which showcases a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. — Rohan Sharma

I am thrilled with the results. I love the way everything came out, especially the space planning and floor plan. We have been looking for a new home for quite some time now and your company gave us exactly what we were looking for. The seamless blend of style and functionality is truly commendable. — John Thomas

We are extremely happy with our home! We love the way it turned out, we love the overall design and the overall feeling of the home. We love the fact that the designers took our design ideas into consideration and really made them their own. We love the colour palette, garden layout, and overall design of the house. — Pravin Kannan

The designers were very professional and made the entire process smooth. They have a very creative style and their designs are unique and well thought out. The house they designed is beautiful, modern and contemporary. I would definitely recommend them to others in Bangaluru, Karnataka. — Rishab Gowda

Our new dining room looks great! The quality of workmanship and attention to detail is fantastic. I am impressed with how you did the finishing work on the house. Thanks for making it look so good! The transformation is truly remarkable. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. — Anil B

I am very pleased with the work done by your team and the quality of interior design services rendered. I would definitely recommend your company to others as well. Keep up the good work. Your professionalism and commitment to client satisfaction truly set you apart. — Krishnan R

Thanks to your team, we are extremely happy with our new home design. We love the beautiful furniture, the overall design, the quality of workmanship, and the wonderful attention to detail. The home we are in is really a dream home that we always wanted. We love the colour palette, the flooring, and the lighting too. — Mihir D

I am so happy with my new home! I absolutely LOVE the design and layout of my home and the entire process was very smooth and professional. I would definitely recommend De Panache to anyone looking for an amazing interior design experience in South India! — Shreya S

Why Choose Our Interior Design Firm?

Our interior design company in Bangalore has an excellent track record with a wide variety of clients, including residential projects, large and small scale. The interior design team works closely with clients, developing ideas, budgets, and timelines to achieve results on all levels of the project. With a strong background in architecture, engineering, and graphic design, the team delivers stunning interior design solutions to meet any project specification, within budget and on time. De Panache also provides a dedicated support staff that manages the business and administrative functions, enabling the interior designers to spend more time on their creative work.

Our team consists of professional interior designers with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. We have a panoramic perspective when it comes to designing a space. Our attention to detail and our impeccable planning skills come together to give our customers the perfect finished interiors in Bangalore. Over the last 10 years, our interior design firm in Bangalore has built a strong reputation for delivering results through creative planning, high-end technology, and technical skills. The core value of our work is the development of innovative, aesthetically pleasing design solutions that exceed our client’s expectations. Call us today to receive our free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of an interior designer & what they can do for you?

From decorating your home to making sure your home office space is comfortable and functional, the Best interior designer can make your space work for you. In addition to their design expertise, designers are trained to communicate effectively with clients and be able to anticipate future needs.

What trends are popular in interior design right now?

Interior design has a range of options and there’s no single trend that you have to follow. Some of the current trends include using natural materials such as wood and leather, going green by choosing earth-friendly products and using low-energy lighting, and focusing on comfort by choosing fabrics that don’t chafe and pillows that are easy to sleep on.

Where Do You Source The Material From That Are Used In Interior Design Projects?

We source the finest textiles, forms, fixtures, and more from across the globe. Once you drop in at our experience centre, you can have a look at our materials, designs, and everything we have done in the past. Please book an appointment in advance.

What is the difference between interior decorators & interior designers?

The terms interior designing and interior decoration are often used interchangeably. However, they are two different services. An interior designer works with the entire space and creates a functional layout per the client’s preferences and requirements.

What type of projects can De Panache do?

De Panache designs residential interiors and apartment interiors. From 3 BHKs to huge villas, we can work on all types of residential spaces. We offer both interior designing and interior decorating services.

How much does an interior designer charge in Bangalore?

Depanache is the perfect choice when it comes to Interior Design Cost in Bangalore! Our qualified and experienced interior designers will provide you with the best interior design services at an affordable price. We provide you with the most up-to-date trends and styles to ensure that your home or office space looks stylish and modern. Our experienced professionals will carefully plan and execute the design according to your unique requirements and preferences. Our designers will also help you stay within your budget and provide you with the best value for your money. Let De Panache take care of all your interior design needs in Bangalore.

Why is interior design important?

Home interior design is crucial because it enhances the aesthetics and functionality of a space. Good interior design can make a living or working space more comfortable, efficient, and tailored to the needs and personalities of the occupants. It also increases the value of a property and improves the quality of life for those using the space.

How is Depanache different from other interior design companies in bangalore?

For home interior design Bangalore, De Panache stands as one of the best interior companies in Bangalore. Our design styles, service quality, pricing, client engagement process, and the range of services offered make us unique. So, with De Panache, you can end your Google search for “interior designers in Bangalore near me.” 

How to choose the right interior design company in bangalore for my home?

When choosing an interior design company in Bangalore, consider the following:

Portfolio: Review their past projects to understand their style and quality of work.

Client Reviews: Look for client testimonials and reviews to gauge their satisfaction.

Services Offered: Ensure they provide the services you need (e.g., space planning, furniture selection, project management).

Budget and Transparency: Choose a company that offers transparent pricing and can work within your budget.

Communication: Good communication is key to ensuring your vision is understood and implemented effectively.

What is the cost of interiors for 3bhk in bangalore?

The cost of the best home interiors in Bangalore can vary widely based on factors like the quality of materials, the extent of customization, the design firm’s reputation, and the project’s specific requirements. Interior Designers in Bangalore price can range from a few lakhs to several lakhs of rupees.

What are the benefits of hiring interior designers and interior decorators in bangalore?

Hiring home interior designers and decorators in Bangalore offers several benefits:

Professional Expertise: They bring knowledge of the latest trends, materials, and technologies.

Customization: They can tailor designs to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Time and Cost Efficiency: Professionals can manage projects efficiently, often saving time and avoiding costly mistakes.

Access to Resources: Designers have access to a wide range of materials, furnishings, and skilled labor.

Enhanced Aesthetics and Functionality: They can maximize the potential of your space, balancing beauty and practicality.

What are all the spaces covered by depanache home interior designers and decorators?

  • Puja mandir
  • Living room
  • Foyer
  • Outdoors and Balcony
  • TV Unit
  • Kitchens
  • Wardrobes
  • Bathroom
  • Kids bedroom 
  • Dining area and 
  • Out of box designs.

Why Depanache is the best fit for your home interior design?

Depanache is renowned for its personalized approach to interior design, ensuring each space reflects the client’s individuality. Our team of skilled professionals excels in transforming homes into bespoke environments. We offer comprehensive services from start to finish, focusing on high-quality materials and craftsmanship. The key to our success is their commitment to customer satisfaction, working closely with clients to bring their vision to life.

Where can I get the best interior designers in Bengaluru?

Bengaluru offers a wealth of talented interior designers accessible through various channels. As one of the top 10 home interior designers in Bangalore, De Panache stands apart from the rest. You can look for the design portfolios on the website for more reference. 

What to consider while hiring home interior decorators and Home interior designers in Bangalore?

When hiring home interior designers in Bangalore, reviewing their experience and past projects is important. Client feedback can offer insights into their reliability. Budget compatibility is crucial, as is understanding their design process and timelines. Effective communication and a good rapport are essential for a successful project that aligns with your vision.

What are the various design aspects that an interior designer can help?

Interior designers assist in several key areas, including efficient space planning, selecting harmonious color schemes, and choosing appropriate furniture and decor. They provide guidance on lighting design to enhance both aesthetics and functionality. Additionally, they can advise on material selections for various elements, ensuring these align with your style and budget.

What are the various design aspects that an interior designer can help?

Interior designers assist in several key areas, including efficient space planning, selecting harmonious color schemes, and choosing appropriate furniture and decor. They provide guidance on lighting design to enhance both aesthetics and functionality. Additionally, they can advise on material selections for various elements, ensuring these align with your style and budget.

Why should you hire a home interior designer in bangalore?

Hiring the best home designers in Bangalore brings professional expertise to your project. They offer access to a broader range of resources and manage projects efficiently, saving time and money. Designers can tailor designs to your specific needs, enhancing your home’s functionality and aesthetic appeal, and thereby adding value to it.

What are the latest 2023 interior design trends?

The 2023 interior design trends emphasize sustainability and eco-friendly practices, focusing on biophilic design elements like plants and natural light. Multifunctional spaces are becoming increasingly important, alongside a resurgence of bold colors and patterns. Smart home technology integration is on the rise, and textured fabrics and finishes are being used to add depth and visual interest to interiors.

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