• December 12, 2023

Your bedroom is your personal oasis to rest and rejuvenate every night away from the hustle and bustle of the daily life. It is a peaceful retreat. In the bedroom, a wonderful sense of calm must envelop you. You can design your bedrooms in several ways to make them as serene as possible, which will help you achieve restful sleep. The bedroom is worth spending in as it encourages you to relax and unwind.


Serving as the principal interior architect at De Panache, a prominent entity in Bangalore’s interior design industry, I, Atreyee Chowdhury, understand the essential role of shaping environments that encourage relaxation and tranquility, especially in bedrooms. This blog aims to present a comprehensive guide to designing bedrooms that surpass mere functionality, evolving into peaceful havens.


Tranquil Retreat: Designing a Serene Bedroom Haven


Create a Soothing Pastel Color Scheme:

Select a palette of calming pastel colors, such as whites, blues, soft lavender, or blush for your bedrooms. These shades evoke tranquility and contribute to a serene atmosphere. Utilize soothing neutral hues to enhance relaxation, recognizing the powerful impact of color on the overall feel of the space.


Drape Blankets: 

Enhance the coziness of the bedroom by incorporating plush, soft blankets. Their presence adds warmth and makes the space more inviting, providing a comfortable haven to curl up in.


Pile on Pillows: 

Exalt the bed’s comfort level by adorning it with abundant pillows. A bed full of pillows looks inviting and creates a plush and welcoming environment that encourages relaxation.


Create Mood Lighting: 

Set the ambiance with carefully selected ambient lighting. Consider bedside reading lamps or table lamps to introduce a warm and gentle glow. Thoughtful lighting choices contribute significantly to the overall mood and comfort of the bedroom.


Introduce Natural Materials and Houseplants: 

Bring elements of nature into the bedroom by incorporating natural materials and houseplants. Consider air-purifying plants for improved indoor air quality. The proximity to nature has lowered stress levels and enhanced overall well-being. Consider adding a living-edge solid wood bedside table or a natural cane bed for organic elegance.


Avoid Visual Distractions:

Maintain a serene environment by avoiding overwhelming visual distractions, such as bright and multicolored modern artwork. Opt for a more minimalist approach to foster a sense of calm and relaxation.


Invest in the Best Bed Linen:

Prioritize high-quality bed linens, comforters, and duvets made from natural materials like cotton and linen. These materials create a breathable sleeping environment and, by layering different textures, contribute to an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable bedroom space.


Moreover, adding personal touches can enhance the comforting feel of your bedroom. This can be achieved by collecting your favorite books, artwork, or photographs. In one instance, we tastefully displayed a client’s travel mementos and photos, reflecting their passion for travel in the bedroom design.




In conclusion, creating a calm and relaxing bedroom involves a thoughtful blend of color, lighting, layout, personal touches, and natural elements. At De Panache, one of the leading interior designers in Bangalore, we are committed to creating spaces that resonate with our clients’ personalities and needs. Whether you are located in the vibrant heart of Bangalore or its serene outskirts, we can help you modify your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary.