• December 12, 2023

Plants are not just living organisms; they represent a form of living, breathing, and breathtaking art. With its seasonal bursts of colors, the lush green foliage is a magical element in home interior decor. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, the myriad of colors introduces a richness to interiors, complementing the inherent health benefits that nature generously provides. Cultivating plants of various shapes and sizes adds a touch of personalization to your living spaces. It’s noteworthy that plants, as nature’s marvels, absorb toxins from the atmosphere and reciprocate by releasing oxygen.

In my role as Atreyee Choudhury, the principal interior architect at De Panache, I’ve been instrumental in shaping interior design in Bangalore, with a particular emphasis on seamlessly integrating nature into living spaces. This blog is dedicated to offering a comprehensive guide on effectively decorating your home with plants, blending the aesthetics of interior design with the wellness benefits of nature.

Tips to Decorate Your Home


Know In Depth About Your Plants

The amount of sunlight a plant requires and the light conditions you can provide play a pivotal role in selecting the suitable plant variety and determining their placement in your home. Consider the specific sunlight needs of plants such as Ferns, Succulents, Olive trees, African violets, String of Pearls, Bird of Paradise, Snake plant, Money plant, Kalonche, Peace Lily, Jade plant, and  Feng Shui Bambooto etc Thoughtful consideration ensures optimal growth and health for your indoor green companions.


Pick the Right Container

I consistently advocate for using white planters and adhering to a consistent shape or form within a single room. This approach avoids competition with your plants, allowing their inherent beauty to shine through. Plants, being magnificent creations of nature, boast a plethora of colors, textures, and shapes, acting as sculptural elements that also serve to purify the air by filtering out pollutants like benzene and formaldehyde. Embrace the beauty of these natural wonders, reconnect with nature, and invite its soul-nourishing, calming influence into your living spaces.


Dangling from the Ceiling: 

Introduce a touch of enchantment with hanging baskets that create a magical and immersive atmosphere. Consider incorporating them into bookshelves to add an unexpected and delightful element to your balcony.


Vertical Garden:

Optimize space by implementing a vertical garden, turning your balcony into a lush and vibrant oasis. This innovative solution allows you to cultivate various plants space-efficiently, creating a visually stunning green display.


Green Room Divider: 

Enhance privacy and aesthetics with a wooden or metallic divider that serves as a dedicated space for multiple plants. Abundance is key to a successful green divider, adding a natural and refreshing touch to your balcony while maintaining a sense of separation.


Vines and Pendant Lights:

Embrace the beauty of cascading plants and pendant lights, creating a high-maintenance yet visually rewarding display. As the plants flourish, your room undergoes a dynamic transformation with ever-changing foliage and flora, adding an element of natural artistry to your balcony.


Group Plants on a Table Near a Window: 

Curate a focal point by clustering plants on a table near a window. Play with heights by positioning taller plants at the back and smaller pots at the front, creating a harmonious and visually appealing arrangement. This arrangement not only adds vibrancy but also brings a sense of bliss to your entry foyer.


Artificial Canvas Gets a Splash of Color:

Transform your room’s artificial canvas with the vibrant hues of plants. Plants, being unpredictable, introduce an element of surprise to your balcony. Beyond aesthetics, indoor plants contribute to stress reduction and decreased blood pressure, fostering a serene environment. Witnessing the growth of your plants instills a sense of pride and satisfaction.


Climbers in Balconies:

Consider incorporating climbers on your balcony, adding a vertical dimension to your green space. Climbing plants not only maximize the use of available space but also contribute to the overall aesthetics, creating a dynamic and visually appealing balcony setting.



In conclusion, decorating your home with plants involves carefully considering plant types, placement, choice of planters etc.Plants require some amount of maintenance but really worth the effort when they flourish and your house is ever changing with new foliage and flora. So revamp your home into a green oasis with the right choice and placement of plants.