Brigade Apartment



We believe that home is a place where your soul rests and searches for the warmth that the home can only provide. And we built your home just the way you want it to be. A perfect amalgamation of tradition and modernity where each wall has a story to tell and each room decks up in its own beauty also known as interiors Bangalore. The entrance to this house has been uniquely done.



The accent wall has a beautiful painting hanging on it and it has been separated from the dining area by a partition. It gives a feeling of both pride and happiness, a house built with the dreams of many. It embodies the natural and domestic atmosphere in an attempt to achieve a simple, generous, exquisite, orderly, and fashionable home space with complete functions. Here we the designers are also known as best interior designers in Bangalore have made a bold adjustment on the function and the structure.



As we enter the house, the dining room makes way to the living room. The dazzling and colorful, velour all over the wall spread charming energy. The abstract painting on one of the walls of the dining area creates a moderate beauty that is classical and pure. The whole modeling is exaggerated with grace and creates a matchless sense of drama. The dining table for the family has been beautifully woven with the steel surface and the legs are also made up of steel.



The soft cushioned chairs with steel legs are a sheer mark of luxury evoking a clear sense of sophistication.  The star-like chandelier hanging from above just over the dining table creates a dreamy atmosphere. The perfect play of light and shadow while creating an apt atmosphere for the family to dine. 

The huge open living room throws open the space to breathe. To fall in love with the pristine white marble floors and the soft L shaped sofa this is perfect for the tired soul to retire for the day. The living room accent wall has been decked up with a huge painting of running horses which symbolizes new zeal, hope, and growth in life. The rugs on the floor and the half and half center table completed in two distinct colors create a new fashion in the whole décor. 

The long hanging lights from above gives it a chic look and gives it a wonderful and rich space experience. The other side of the whole space is bounded by nature in other words the extended portion of the space has been shaped into an open verandah with sliding glass doors which let you experience the natural light, wind, and smell. To be one with nature. The panel lights of the ceiling cooperating with the luxury crystal lights create a pleasing effect. The other side of the living room has been completed with a huge T.V. cabinet which solves manifold purposes. It lends its sides for the crockery to settle down in an exceptional manner and the extra storage capacities make it look huge and rich. The sections fitted with lights inside highlight the whole space and make the whole set up look magnificent. 

The narrow kitchen lane makes way to another verandah which again invites the nature inside the house.  A lack of ornamentation does not mean that modern kitchens cannot look beautiful. Their beauty and texture are defined by making use of natural features like marble benchtops, untreated concrete walls, horizontal grained timbered, and stone-like tiles. This is a contemporary kitchen that borrows high functionality and streamlined surfaces but its style often incorporates traditional ideas as well for a sleek but livable feel. It is an epitome of the sleek, minimalist layout. Fresh white countertops with pristine white walls and smooth stainless steel appliances, the contemporary kitchen are functional and sometimes artistic in nature. The kitchen backsplash has been adorned with smooth, breaking art marble that changes the whole picture of the space and accentuates the beauty of the whole space.  We have got it ready with all the modern appliances and the window at the side plays hide and seek with the natural light through its half folded curtains. 

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but we make interiors that every eye craves for.