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living with TV unit interiors

This kitchen has made a statement in itself with its solid wood carvings all around the kitchen. The glass shutters of the crockery cabinet complete the look of this masterpiece, and all are carefully curved by De Panache being one of the best interior companies of Bangalore. The cornices in white with handmade carvings.

The natural Marble Backsplash accentuates and upholds the beauty of the entire space. The solid wood carvings on pullout have the minutely detailed working, which shows the skilled craftsmanship involved. The interiors of an empty house transform elegant pieces of art with De Panache kitchen interior designers in bangalore, who never fails to surprise you with their work and skills.

living interiors view

The dining area is an expansive space that has been further extended to the TV unit’s entertainment space. The marble top dining table is a huge one, provided with well-cushioned wooden chairs twining with the entire set up. The dazzling crystal chandelier is unique in its style, which adorns the whole surrounding. The crockery unit with glass doors and panel lights have made the best addition to the interior space.

The wooden TV console with wooden carvings is another eye-catching element of this interior. The solid wood beadings and carvings at corners are the unique elements of this interior. The false ceiling cornices, again in white, make the entire interior look classy and gorgeous.

kitchen & dining interiors


The carved natural stone background again in white creates a havoc strain of art on the bedroom’s accent wall. Here, white plays the masterstroke in the entire interior. The Dutch Vinyl Wallcovering on the other parts of the wall makes another signature mark in black floral pattern on a white background, making the whole interior look stunning. The cornice in the false ceiling has created a marvellous effect on the entire set up. 

The carvings on the false ceiling are there to admire forever, exemplifying the team’s skilled craftsmanship. The huge king size bed with well-cushioned furnishing makes it the best of the lot. The bedside table and the long hanging oval shaped crystal chandelier make the best pair in the entire interior.

kitchen interiors

This pathway has excellent leaf-shaped marble stonework on the accent wall of the place. The centre wooden carvings are another classic element being added to this interior. The Classical wall washers with the stunning wall lamps, lighting up the entire space making such an artistic statement, it is a handcrafted curation that evokes the rarest of luxuries and comfort. The architrave creates the best of the tune in the entire interior. They mix classical beauty with classical music and present to us the music of life. And De Panache makes every inch of it possible; thus, throughout this time, they have built up their image, being one of the best interiors of Bangalore. The foyer seating is a unique arrangement in between the classics.

The waiting space has been beautifully decorated to make any visitor feel at home and make their eyes dazzle with space’s beauty. Thus, you see it, and we make it. The marble-topped centre table goes perfectly with the velvet-covered cushiony chairs. The marble console and the shiny marble flooring make it an epitome of luxury. The crystal chandelier creates that grandeur in the entire interior. All these are the handpicked elements of De Panache, best in the list of architects and interior designers in bangalore, which are specially curated for our clients as they brief the team about their ideas.

kids room interiors

The dining area has been covered from a different angle this time. The edge bevelled tinted mirror covering an entire wall not only reflects the whole interior but also doubles up space.  The marble top dining table is another attraction of this space as it upholds the interior; the eight seated cushiony wooden chairs complement the look to the fullest. The crockery unit creates a perfect light and shadow with its glass doors and panel lights. The solid wood beadings and the carvings at the corners exemplify the minute detailing of the craftsmen. They speak the panache and the glamour of the décor.

In every corner, this same enigma is surrounded, which dazzles the eyes of the guests. The centre carvings need special attention due to its traditional classical designs. The false ceiling cornices show the height of creativity as every nook, and corner is covered and attained to the fullest—the wooden architrave adding a subtle touch of traditional feel as and when needed in the entire interior. The area is surrounding the different shades of white, off-white, beige, and ash play in a playful mood. They create a new tune where the rendition of tradition with modernity creates havoc in the mind’s canvas. The well-cushioned leather couch in front of the TV unit makes the most comfortable landing of the tired and playful souls. As to be it the music or the cricket or any movie, it makes every watch worth it. And De Panache gives the best to the clients, making them the best interior houses in Bangalore.