Prestige Ferns Residency 2



This house is no less than a model house. The client had faith in us being the best interior consultants in Bangalore and we gifted them this magnificent creation. Starting from the living room it was made with all the grandeur and panache, showcasing the best the designs and decoration. The whole interior has been done in white that reflects the purity and the serenity of the place. There is a saying, that ‘one cannot go wrong with white’ and this is again proved in this interior.



The richness of the décor is echoed in every corner of the room. The solid wooden beading panels make the most beautiful designs in white. The walls getting the look of it in itself are an exceptional piece of work.



The huge eight seated wooden table is the most royal touch of the interior, accompanied by the blue velvet-covered and velvety cushioned wooden chairs.  To make it look more elegant the chairs have been bordered with white beads.



The huge white crockery unit is another exceptional addition to this out of the world interior decoration. The unique style geometric patterned chandelier gives a clean yet sophisticated look.



The design of the chandelier in itself is very unique. The ceiling cornices have been detailed out to showcase the detailing work that De Panache engages in from the ceiling to the floor each part of the room is important for the team. As in each corner, the magic is being shown and created.  The architraves have a great and clear finish with all its details, getting captured at the first sight itself.



The living room is an extension of the dining area. The same designs and décor seep into the living area to keep continuing the magic. The solid wooden beading panels cover the whole wall making it look like a royal affair. The attached wall lamps have been smartly put to highlight the whole wall.



In between an abstract painting has been hung in some solid dark colours to break the monotony of the place and accentuate the glamour of the whole interior. From the unique designed crystal chandeliers in different forms and sizes to the classical wall washers all bespoke the beauty and the elegance of the interior. De Panache being one of the best interior design services in Bangalore takes the credit of this art in the making. 

The ceiling cornices have been completed with much precision.  The narrow pathway leading towards the interior of the villa has a marble console table top beautifully curved and polished against a tinted mirror which reflects the energy and the magnificence of the interior. The wooden flooring along with the mood lights and the cove lights together complement with the whole décor. 

This is another living room area which has been stunningly done again in white. The utility unit and the bookshelf at the backdrop of this living area have been beautifully done to hold up the elegance of the interior. The solid wooden beading panels have prominent curving at the corner of the walls. The eye-catchy three-layered crystal chandelier makes an exclusive statement as it resonates the panache in the interior. 

Lastly, the cornices with the carvings and floral patterned designs make the whole interior space worthwhile to stare at. The soft cushioned three-seated of and the abstract painting on the accent wall of the living room together makes the perfect frame to admire. Thus, white in white makes the best picture of this interior.

Precision and detail are the two important areas to be kept in mind while making white stand out in the crowd. Thus, this interior is the best example of it. The TV unit has been fantastically curved with the minute detailing where each design speaks a volume about the time and the creativity of the artisans. The marble carved TV unit has been given the touch of royalty with the charismatic carvings and designs. The solid wooden beading panel with carvings at the corner has transformed it into a masterpiece.

The master bedroom has been specially built for the tiring souls to rest for the fresh start. The backdrop of the master bedroom has been completed in solid wooden beading panels with carving at corners. These carvings have the minute detailing to make them unique art pieces, absolutely stunning for the décor. 

The huge king-size bed has the lavish headboard and the most attractive pieces of this interior are the round-shaped crystal chandeliers. The abstract painting is some solid dark colours perfectly break the monotony of the space.  The ceiling has also got carvings, all neatly done and has a great finish to accentuate the whole beauty of the interior. The wooden flooring and the half circled centre table in white are the exclusive addition to this interior. 

This space is the best of the lot, the small corner has been transformed into a glamorous space. The shoe storage area has been provided with a seating arrangement which has a perfectly knitted leather headboard. 

All in white reflect the perfect glimmer effect of the whole interior. The architraves are very neatly done to bring out the best of the designs. The solid wooden beadings have carvings in it which are again detailed out keeping in mind the royal outlook that the client was asking for. 

This study area is one of a kind and it is something that someone longs for it. The study area has been provided with a great study unit and storage. The adjacent Bay window has a wonderful architrave which has been further provided with a sitting area.  The white window blinders just cannot go wrong with the whole idea of the interior. The wide window lets the natural light get in and provides a mind of freshness to the otherwise mundane routine. The oval-shaped crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling are perfectly placed to enhance the beauty of the whole space. In all the edge carving cornices and the minute detailing in each of the designs make the whole space look shin, a beautiful rendition of tradition with modernity.