Prestige Ferns Residency



We at De Panache, known in the list of interior designers in Bangalore try to reach the pinnacle of innovation and give designs that are unique, different, and distinguished. We strive to provide the space with a natural and harmonious domestic atmosphere. The simple, clear-outlined, and soft coloured furniture embellish into space.



To break the monotony of the linear place, we have put a seated Buddha in between the entrance foyer and the living room. The white marble statue of the Buddha has been put on a pebble bed which is a powerfully calming, inspiring, and soulful symbol. The combination of white and light brown gives the whole space a soothing touch and complements the look with the décor. To double up space, we have put a bronze-tinted edge bevelled mirror on one side of the walls of the entrance foyer.



The other side gets a console in golden base paired with a beautiful painting on the wall, highlighted by the glass chandeliers being hung from above casting an effect of light and shadow.  The Italian marble top of the console and the abstract painting hanging above it on the wall is outlined by a solid wooden bead painted in the same muted shade.



We make Vaastu compliant interiors to enhance your interior space with all the positive energies and make your little space an abode of luxury and luck hence called residential interior designers in Bangalore.  An extra clear mirror doubles up the area of the dining room.  As per Vaastu, it is believed that when you have your food sitting on the dining table, and if it gets reflected in the mirror, it brings prosperity to the family.  The asymmetrical yet balanced design in the dining crockery unit is an attempt to create something different. We have put an imported Italian dining table with leather dining chairs all in pristine white shades. The whole space has been supported with mood lights and crystal lights. Vinyl based wall covering has adorned the wall of the living room. These wall covering collections exude an irresistible luxury where the designs are playful and light-hearted, yet indisputably stylish. They bring your walls to life.  The considerable painting hung on the wall of the living room depicting the horse in motion is again has been put as per the Vaastu. It has an inner meaning of bringing speed and growth in an individual’s life. The asymmetrical design of the living room TV unit with the L-shaped Italian leather sofa completes the look. We have consoled all the wirings behind the TV unit. 

The parent’s bedroom’s wall adores the beautiful combination of white and pastel shades of green. The earthy tone of green gives an enigmatic look to the whole bedroom complementing the look is the wooden panelling which is used as a backdrop panelling behind the bed. The ceramic hanging lights at the side of the bed makes a beautiful twining with the whole space. The contrasting colours provide an exciting visual impression. The imported fabric bed, the simple study unit, and the repetition of the same pastel shades for the wardrobe make it look classy. We have provided a lot of storage to the room.

We have kept an open Puja concept for our client. The whole space has been given a white on the white idea. It is a classical design of Jaali with a modern twist that has been used as screens that demarcate the Puja room from the living room and acts as a backdrop. The white pouffe and the white storage cabinets give the whole space a complete and serene look.

Coming to the master bedroom, we have finished its look in beige and brown twining with it the German wooden flooring in a Herringbone pattern gives it a rich look. The backdrop of the king-size bed has been covered by fabric textured vinyl based wall coverings wood with a metal strip in burnt gold inlaid in it. Burnt golden balls hanging from above make the whole décor look more attractive.  We have also broken the typical idea/ image of a kid’s room and completed the room in a typical contemporary style. In the various hues of blue, the whole bedroom has extravagant designs and bold attitude. The backdrop of their daughter’s bedroom has been finished with an extraordinary design of Handcut Glass Mosaics depicting the intricacies of a train of a peacock. The study unit is also not an ordinary one. Asymmetrical boxes have been put in a playful manner and in varying depths put the varieties in a single form. The whole interior gets beautiful reflections through various lights in every corner. The bedrooms are designed with clean lines and simple details, using strong textures to create an impact.  Thus, the entire house bears the stamp of a decorator with a keen eye, unconventional tastes, and the ability to see potential in any space.