Prestige Lakeside Habitat Villa 5BHK



This villa interior designers in Bangalore concept was no less than a surprise for our client. The art that we transformed the concrete walls into amazed them which went beyond what they actually imagined. The room has been provided with lots of ventilation and has two big windows. Through the windows comes the brightness of the day shine, that boldness that lifts the spirits of the dwellers. The accent wall of the living room has been finished with Handcut glass mosaics depicting the falling of autumn leaves. In the shades of golden and red on a white base, they make a chorus of the leaves drifting in steady ocean waves where their melody keeps on dancing.



The abstract painting on the wall provides much depth to the whole interior. The huge L-shaped white cushiony couch is the perfect element added to elevate the beauty of the whole interior. The white simple designed center table was another simple yet perfect element to get added to the interior. Through the glass panes of the windows, one could see the ever-changing art of the sky, the clouds that brought infinite images of beauty. The presence of the indoor plants was the perfect addition to space, as that would complete the amalgamation of nature with the art in the making.



Elegance is an understatement here we have tried to put the intricate details of the flower. Through the hand-cut glass mosaics, the experts at De Panache, one of the best interiors of Bangalore has tried to depict the petals of a flower all joining together to make the accent wall look like a beautiful flower in the various shades of grey, ash, beige and white. The colors together paint the beauty on the wall. The background of the accent wall has been covered with a Vinyl based wall covering which is quite unique and it gives an exceptional look to the whole interior.



The panel lights on the frame of the accent wall highlight the true beauty of the room. The mood lights and the cove lights are the perfect renditions of beauty with light. And in between this royalty lies the wooden, soft cushioned bed supported with simple white bedside cabinets on both the sides of the queen size bed. The crystal chandelier on one side of the bed builds up the show of the interior. The simple study corner provides a clean look to the whole space. The single-seated chairs with the wooden center table make the best pair in the interior. The wooden flooring and the customized rug all make the interior look glamorous.


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The other side of the bedroom narrows down and opens into the closet. The shoe storage has been exquisitely finished with woods providing a cushiony cover for rest. The other end of the wooden storage has a beautiful sculpture in white. The stone textured lamination has given the space a unique variation and the tinted mirror has been smartly put to double up space. The wooden beadings are just the perfect addition to the interior. The console table and the abstract painting hung on the wall together give the interior that understated glimmer which makes the whole interior look extremely sophisticated. The dazzling crystal chandelier and the shiny marble floor complete the whole space.

The other wall of this narrow space has been covered with vinyl-based wall covering which gives a fantastic texture to the wall. The mood light has been perfectly placed to highlight the whole wall covering. We have made a beautiful dry garden concept on the side of the shoe storage to utilize the space effectively. Thus, what more can be asked when all the wonderful pieces are put together to make the perfect frame of the interior.