Sarjapur Villa



“Home is where your heart is”- this saying is true for all our clients who have come to us for their dream to be put into reality. At De Panache, one of the best home interiors Bangalore, we nurture the dreams of our clients and help them to live in it. Our years of experience help us to deliver the best of the lot and we keep improving our styles and creativity with each of the projects that we handle. The entrance of this living room has been beautifully decked up with a white marble sculpture of the Buddha seated on a pebble bed which in itself is powerfully calming, inspiring, and a symbol of purity. We have created a dry garden for our client who wanted the touch of nature in every corner of the house.



The backdrop of the Buddha has been finished with an exquisite work of marble cut jali put on a marble frame, which brings the touch of royalty in the already magnificent setup. The hanging chandeliers on both sides of the sculpture have created a bright effect that focuses the aesthetic look of the whole interior, casting an effect of light and shadow. White and off-white are the primary colors to build up the whole interior. The huge mirror at the background has been used to double up the whole space which beautifully reflects the living area of the house. The use of mood lights in the ceiling has been perfectly used to light up the whole interior highlighting the unique additions of the interior.



The master bedroom has been again finished in pristine white, which gives a soulful experience. The huge king size bed has got an extremely comfortable velvet cushioned headboard with the softest mattress; all have been customized according to the need and taste of the clients. The backdrop of the bed has been decked up in mother of pearl inlay again in white to complement the rest of the interior. The bedside cabinet and the crystal chandeliers give the whole interior a magnificent look.



Likewise, the backdrop of the television unit has been decked up in white marble with a simple pattern, and to break the monotony of the whole interior the brown European based wall covering has been used. The television unit has been empanelled with cove lights that perfectly highlight the entire beauty of the space. The storage unit at the other side of the room is a smart way to use up the space and the divider of the storage unit has been finished in mother of pearl inlay which has been highlighted with perfect panel lights and by the hanging chandelier. The wooden floor and the customized rug are the perfect pair, playing the story of light and shadow in the interior.



One thing that makes this project a sheer piece of luxury is the walk-in-wardrobe. A huge place of this apartment has been transformed into a walk-in-closet by the experts of De Panache as has been desired by the client. From the wooden flooring to the modern enchanted chandelier being hung from the ceiling, everything has been placed quite carefully to keep up the mood of the entire interior of the house.



One of the walls of the walk-in-closet has been done in a glass mosaic where recycled glass has been used. Waste glasses are recycled by stamping powdered glass and they are then given different shapes. Bold yet flexible, the unique matrixes of this recycled glass can activate any surface, indoors. Its matt finish has helped to build up the beauty of the space. The backdrop of the full-length mirror has been adored in European based wall covering. The Island dressing storage is another touch of royalty and De Panche being a home interior designers in Bangalore has mastered this art by now.  Our client asked us for a meditation area and we presented them this wonderful space for their spiritual pleasure. The whole space has been given a white on the white concept. It is a classical design of double-layered marble cut Jali with a modern twist that seems like a screen.  The Jali has been given a beautiful floral pattern were white and gold are interspersed to bring out the beauty of the art. 

On a white, a hand-carved marble statue has been placed to build in the entire mood. Here, to create an artificial natural set up, a dry garden has been built with a pebble bed at one corner of the interior. Artificial vases in white are placed there with some colored flowers, breaking the monotony of the space. The other wall of the interior has been done in European based beige wall covering which is another creative addition to the interior. The other room of the apartment is also an epitome of luxury being beautifully done with white marble, pristine white walls, and beige colored wall covering. The mood and cove lights along with the panel lights are placed according to the need of the interior to give it an exceptional look and highlight the royalty of the interior. 

White is not only the color of purity and calmness it is also the color of richness and perfection. Thus the television unit has been decked up on a marble backdrop with golden strips running parallel over it, which actually makes the backdrop look more prominent. The television unit is a simple one with no complex geometric patterns, this actually represents the clean designs that we wanted to put in this place. The backdrop of the study unit is covered with a beige colored European based wall covering made of banana fibre which is long-lasting and does not seem to be an artificial covering. The storage unit again in white goes perfectly with the whole interior. 

The backdrop of the queen size bed has been decked up with curved stonework giving it the wavy patterns symbolizing the journey of life with ups and downs. The huge crystal lamps on both sides of the bed play the perfect combination of light and shadow, which has become the theme of the interior of the house. To the entrance on the pathway to the room, there is a huge canvas of an abstract painting being placed in a candid way to make it special in an otherwise calm interior as that is the only piece with the splash of different bright colors. Complementing it is the wooden floor and the customized beige colored rug. The white queen size bed has been perfectly finished with an extra cushiony headboard to make it look out of the world. Thus, this interior in itself has a story to tell for the tired souls. So, De Panache creates the masterpieces where each house tells you the stories of you.