SNN Property


TV unit and stone cladding interiors


SNN property is an affirmation of the signature style of home interior design from De Panache, which is also known as the best interior design company in Bangalore. The high rise apartment commands stunning views of the picturesque Hebbal lake. The whole apartment is designed with muted shades and subdued classical styles as per the taste of the client.


living interiors with cladding


De Panache artfully combined the french wainscoting on the walls & the decorative cornices of the ceilings. The elaborate architraves! all remind us of the bygone era of classical architecture designs. This style is a timeless luxury interior design. This is one of our classic interior designs with a touch of De Panache signature elements to balance the whole interiors. There is ample daylight percolating through large windows, and we always play with soft hues to make the interiors look more spacious & lively. Once we enter the foyer there is a massive shoe rack that is multifunctional and houses even old newspapers, magazines and raincoats, etc.


kitchen interiors


Sufficient storage has been provided to ensure the functional aspect of the design. The interior design of this apartment is a harmonious marriage of aesthetics & functionality. One side of the foyer is embellished with a tinted mirror with an artful console in pristine white Italian marble top. In the living room, there are wood-paneled walls. There are beautiful artworks that grace the wooden panels in between and breaks the monotony. De Panache is known to produce creative designs that give a “wow” feeling. Being an interior design company in Bangalore for more than a decade we know what decor element will look beautiful and make the room interiors bespoke.


night interiors with hanging lamp


This interior is a synonym to luxury, opulence, and timeless elegance. As your eye travels from the foyer to the long corridor you see the fag end of the corridor wall. It is clad with iridescent glass mosaics from Italy. The entrance of the house opens up to a wider-spaced living room and a cool spaced dining area. We make sure there is at least one if not more unique element in all the rooms so that it stands out on its own. When all the unique rooms become part of the whole house the theme and colors give a pleasant feeling to the whole ambiance.

Moving towards the dining area we wanted the space to flow to the kitchen. Any interior designer will tell you designing a functional and beautiful kitchen is always challenging, but we take pride in the way we solved this challenge. We broke a part of the wall connecting the dining area with the kitchen and converted it into a bar counter in the house. We have put an imported Italian pristine white dining table with leather dining chairs all in pastel shades. The six seated dining table makes an ideal place for a cozy dinner. The glass chandelier lights hanging from above makes the home interior look more vibrant. The whole house lighting is supported with mood lights and crystal lights. There is a painting of “The Last Supper” hung in between the wooden panels.

We have designed a very spacious kitchen for the family. The under-counter storage cabinets of the kitchen have the soft closing shutters for making the handling smoother and easier. The kitchen is provided with an open utility, so we continued the same design theme of the kitchen into the utility storage as well. With ease, we have a mixed style, elegance, and functionality as per our client’s elegant taste & design sense.

De Panache – Interior Design company in Bangalore

De Panache being one of the very few Interior Design Company in Bangalore specializing in modern or contemporary styles. Years of designing and execution experience have taught us the nitty-gritty of such complicated yet sophisticated design. Interior designing is a combination of art & science. Being only a creative interior designer doesn’t always help in creating a functional home but it also needs years of experience with exposure to different materials & finesse to achieve the perfect look we want to achieve. We convert home ideas of our beloved clients into a gift of a lifetime. Never at any cost will we ever compromise on materials or designs to cut costs. We believe in fully transparent with our clients and work together towards the challenge of building a truly unique and bespoke home.

De Panache has rekindled the spirit of the pure luxury era with SNN Property. We make Vaastu compliant interiors & enhance your interior space with all the positive energies. We make the ambiance an abode of luxury, luck & prosperity.