Villa at Jayanagar



This villa has been designed with a modern-day outlook for the modern-day power families. From the kitchen to the living room every corner of the house speaks volumes for the décor. At De Panache, one of the best home interior designers in bangalore, the team works relentlessly to give shape to your ideas and vision. The team takes into consideration the minute details and presents the clients their home which is no less than a paradise.



Likewise, this kitchen speaks more about the panache and royalty of its interior than any other corner of the house. The clear but sophisticated decoration makes it an exemplary in this field also known as the best interiors in Bangalore.  The whole interior of the kitchen has been kept in a muted ash color. The panel lights at the kitchen counter perfectly highlight the wide free-flowing space to ease out your multi-tasking abilities.



The modular kitchen facility has provided the needed space for the whole interior. Thus, it looks classy and spacious. The heat and scratch resistant shutters make an out of the world experience, with easy no sound technology, therefore its use becomes all the more fun. The back-painted glass reflects the whole interior of the kitchen actually visually doubling up space, thus making the kitchen all the more wide and open.



Attached to the whole kitchen counter is the wooden breakfast counter, which gives a live cooking concept. It helps you to talk and work with and for your family. The kitchen window has been provided with a beautiful blinder which helps it to stand out of the crowd.


Coming to the living room the wide spacious living room is an ideal space for extraordinary interior decoration. The accent wall and the back wall of the living room have been draped in high-quality European Vinyl wall covering. These wallcoverings transform the whole look of the interior. The back wall has been further provided with a huge abstract painting however, the accent wall of the living room forms the background of the TV unit. The living room has been divided from the other half of the house with a semi see-through partition where an open dry garden has been made provided with a pebble bed. The dry garden breaks the monotony of the concrete walls and give a touch of nature in the otherwise enclosed surrounding. The marble top console over the pebble bed garden makes the interior look classier and the black stone statue introduces a strong color to the otherwise white and light-colored interior. The crystal hanging chandelier is the perfect addition to the whole interior. 

The seating area is another attraction of the house. Being the coziest corner of the house where the entire family gossips and breathe life together has been decked up in the classiest way. The Italian center table is the classiest addition to the whole interior. The European Vinyl covering in the beautiful geometric pattern has covered the entire wall making space breathe the luxury engulfed in it. The geometric-patterned TV unit completes the whole look of the interior. From the l-shaped cushiony sofa to the chandeliers to the cove lights, all perfectly light up the entire interior of the seating area.


The other half of the seating area is the other corner of the house to look at. The round marble top center table is an exquisite collection from an Italian brand. Again the backdrop of the seating area has been covered with European based Vinyl covering which glam up the whole space. The semi see-through bookshelf is another unique addition to the interior of the house. Again the cushiony couch is the best of the lot. The abstract shaped crystal chandelier is another eye-catchy element of the interior of the villa.