Villa at Kanakapura




It is always easier to work with the palette’s darker shades as they can be turned and changed into other shades with a little work if they need arises. But working with the lighter tones of the palette is not only experimental; instead, it is a risk that not many can take. The lighter shades not only give that stubbornness to the interior but also makes the space look confident and magmatic.


Luxury Interior Designers in Bangalore


At De Panache, one of the top interior decorators in bangalore, with years of experience, has mastered well in this art form. To drape the Villa, the team chose to break the norms and go for the unlike ones. The space and the beauty of the Villa made the team long for the solid color, and that was none other than black and dark wood. Though these colors seem to be too much for the whole interior at the first go, the result was something to long for with our exceptional ideas. The eating area is a long spread, and it looks electric.




The white natural marble gives it a rustic look thus, flawlessly fitting into the whole décor. The open niches make you long for more. It creates spaces and makes the interior look wider and brighter. The unique style of chandelier is just the right addition to this space. And the wooden table and the leather cushioned wooden chairs complement the look and complete the area.




The full-length windows with transparent white curtains are a deliberate addition to make space breathe in the light and air and reflect the best of it in the natural light. The sneak peek of the living area again shows the seamless efforts of the interior decorator.




The kitchen area is an art in the making; the natural marble breakfast counter is nothing less than a piece of art. The island kitchen set up with the panel lights highlights the best part of the whole interior. The textured shutters make the entire space look like a dreamy affair. The lights getting hang from the ceiling is the best input to the whole interior to highlight the beautiful textures and the natural marble stones which are rare to find. 



The living room had been turned into a grand affair with the best of the elements added to the whole interior. The television unit has been kept simple yet elegant as it gets finished in wood. The TV unit’s backdrop has been completed in Veneer Panelling work giving it the rich look that suits the whole interior.

 These unique additions make the space look marvelous; the textured wall paint has made the place look exotic and aesthetically pleasing. These seamless renditions have made the whole interior space look big and wide. The entire area looks magnetic and has an eclectic touch. 

When we talk about luxury, we make sure that each space and the corner of the house reflect it. From the ceiling to the wall, textures everything together makes the interior effortlessly beautiful. The bedroom is a place where not only your body but also your soul rests. It needed the comfort of the mind and the touch of royalty to go with our client’s ideas. 

Thus, De Panache, one of the interior architects in bangalore, worked on their inputs and presented them the best of the lot. The bedroom not only shares a colossal space, but it also catches the essence of luxury in it. The enormous king size soft cushioned bed has got a simple yet dynamic looking solid wood beading backdrop. On a red brick tone, the clean look makes the interior look perfect. The side tables and the hanging crystal ball chandelier make the space look complete. The white wardrobes break the monotony of the room as it is the first lighter solid color that has been used in the interior. The giant wall-size mirror reflects the whole space and doubles up the interior. Its addition is unique in its style; the wooden soft cushioned couch and the wooden flooring together bring in space’s beauty. 

The master bedroom cannot be adorned better than this with all the additions which are just perfect for this room. The huge king size bed makes it space between the place, thus, allowing the other elements to get added and join the flow in the interior. The enormous full-length window has got wooden blinders to play hide and seek with the sunlight as its ray falls on the bed and the entire room. The king-size bed’s headboard has been completed in a cushiony grey look, all carefully curved and made in the workshop of De Panache, one of the best architects and interior designers in bangalore.  

The team believes in a unique style; thus, each piece is curated for each client.  The backdrop of the bed has been finished in worn leather, all in brownish-grey to keep up the interior’s rustic look and mood. The other side of the room has been covered with a vast wall covered wardrobe, which has a tinted mirror reflecting the place’s life and light. The gold rose strips in between the wall coverings make the interior look jazzy yet elegant as its use again has been kept minimal and has not been overused. But the catch of this interior is the enormous golden spread hanging chandelier designed in small butterflies hanging from it, ready to fly in the room to spread its color and essence around the interior.

There is an edge beveled tinted mirror covering the whole wall at one corner of the pathway, making the space look beautiful and complete. The hanging chandeliers cover up the area with its light when switched on.  The geometric-patterned stand of the console table gives a different touch to the interior. It is perfect for holding up the beauty and the belongings of the family in photo frames and other utilities. The surrounding walls have been covered with the best quality European Vinyl wall covering. Thus, creativity is an art and an experiment, with experimentation, only one can bring in the new ideas and create masterpieces. De Panache is known for its boldness and creativity, which is boundless; thus, we have emerged to be the best home decorators in bangalore.