Villa at Rajajinagar


living interiors


The whole villa was built with a vision that was brought to reality by De Panache, known as the top 10 interior designers in Bangalore. Taking into consideration the minute details of clients here is presenting them with an interior which is luxurious as well as classy in its look and in its stay. 


living area night interiors


The master bedroom has been wrapped in the shades of white & beige with a touch of gold in the right places. This has given an exceptionally beautiful and grand look of the whole space. As one enters the room the first thing that grabs their attention is the backdrop of the king-size bed. The backdrop has been adored by Handmade Ceramic mosaics in white and gold that create a graceful and elegant interior. The gold plated texture of the mosaic tiles gives a perfect elegant look. It makes an interpretation of soft modernity. The white base has gold interspersed in between. It is uniquely handcrafted and cut to precision so no two tiles are alike. Here it gives a 3D effect and each piece gives a luxurious feel. The artwork harnesses the latest technology of modernity. The panel lights are the perfect addition that helps to give that impact and highlight the whole interior. The oval-shaped crystal chandeliers hanging at one side of the bed make it a dreamy atmosphere. The soft cushioned like headboard of the bed gives it a comforting look and the bedside chest in perfect shiny white texture breaks the monotony of the room and adds elegance to the surrounding. The other wall of the room has been finished with metallic gold strips being fitted in an otherwise simple off-white colored wall. The mood lights and the cove lights fitted on the false ceiling perfectly enhance and highlight every nook and corner. The abstract painting is classic and pure. The whole model is expressed with grace and creates a matchless sense of drama. The lighter walnut-colored wooden flooring is another touch of elegance which is just a perfect input in this interior design. From the curtains to the study table, the whole interior has been completed in white and beige which is why space becomes all the more attractive and it illuminates the perfect light and life that is required to breathe positivity.


puja interiors


To play with the lighter shades of the palette is an extremely tough but smart move. And De Panache, being top interior designers in Bangalore is a master of this craft. The TV unit on the other side of the master bedroom has a beautiful clean look with no extra geometrical patterns. The pristine white texture with concealed wiring has made the TV unit look wider and brighter.  The relaxed leather seating in front of the TV unit and before the mirror unit is another touch of luxury. The master bedroom narrows down to the mirror unit which holds the space of beauty as this place gets the maximum attention. The top to down whole length mirror not only reflects the beauty of the whole room but it also reflects the beauty of the inner self, the beauty of the soul. 


Master walk in wardrobe interior

The living room area has been carefully designed to keep up the palatial look in every corner of the house.  The background of the living room wall has been done with white marbles blended into some floral patterns and its matte finish makes it look exceptionally impressive and appealing. The crystal transparent chandeliers join the tones and the notes that are on the making. The huge L-shaped soft cushioned sofa in beige syncs in with the whole interior of the space and the full-length curtains guarding the overlooking balcony is just a treat to watch, playing a perfect hide and seek with nature.


Master walk in wardrobe dressing interior

Pairing with the whole interior the half and half geometric shaped center table in ash and white complete space. And the leather seated couch is one of its kinds which really stand alone in the whole interior decoration.  The European based wall covering of the TV unit gives an exceptionally rustic yet elegant look and here in simplicity stands the creativity and that is what is spoken out every time in each of our designs. The wooden floor and the rugged look carpet are again the consciously added elements in the interior. As a whole, this interior makes anyone forget the stress and tensions and make these concrete walls the real home.


puja wall cladding

The entrance of the villa along with the foyer has been majestically crafted keeping in mind the delicate blending of classics with modernity. The foyer opens up in a pebble bed dry concept garden, which brings the much-needed touch of nature. The addition of a European based marble statue makes the place look real and vivacious. These little elements in this big space make the interior look complete. The accent wall has been decked up with palm-shaped marble work which is again done in white and the matte look enhances the beauty of the wall. The shiny finish of the marble flooring goes perfect with the tinted mirror partition at one side of the ground floor. The carved flowing design of the glass railing of the stairs gives the interior a royal look. The cove lights in the ceiling are perfect to highlight the whole interior space and bring out the aesthetic beauty of the space. In addition, the chandeliers hanging above the dining table built up the mood of the space. In all, this project has been cherishing as well as challenging for De Panache. It has continuously kept on raising the bar and helped us prove our standards and talents in each and every corner of the house. The entire house has its own rhythm; it speaks a whole new story. The story of light and shadow, the story of new memories and new experiences. Thus, it says Come and Step into the light.