• July 21, 2022

In this post, we discuss various effective strategies for the interior design of 3 BHK middle-class flats.

A home is a place where we spend most of our time. We need to make sure that it’s a place that we enjoy being in. It should be a place where we feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy. This is why we invest so much money in it. We want to make sure that we get the best home possible. But what about the interior design of a middle-class 3 BHK flat? This is a question that many people are asking these days. They want to make sure that their home is not just a place that they live in, but also a place that they love being in. So, let’s take a look at some of the best interior design ideas for 3 BHK middle-class flats.


  1. A Home That Fits Your Personality

Many middle-class families don’t have the luxury of being able to afford to move to a house in a neighborhood that suits them perfectly. As such, they need to be creative when designing their homes to suit their personality. This means that they should look for ways to make the home feel like a part of them, rather than just a place to sleep.

For example, if you’re a city slicker who loves to travel, then you may want to incorporate a small kitchen in the living room so that you can enjoy meals at home while you watch cooking shows on Netflix. If you prefer to work out, then you could consider having a fitness center on the ground floor of the home so that you can hit the gym while the kids are at school. The possibilities are endless, so think about what you’d like to do in the home, and design it to fit that.

  1. Create A Home Office That Works For You

A lot of people like to work from home, but few have the option of doing so in the middle of the day when the kids are at school. For this reason, a lot of families choose to start their days at home by setting up their workspace in the living room. While this isn’t always possible, there are a lot of creative ways to create a home office that works for you.

For example, you could set up a desk in the corner of the living room, right next to the window. Or, you could buy a portable desk and set it up in the garage, allowing you to work from home while the kids are in school.

Whatever you decide, the key to creating a home office that works for you is to have a clear vision of what you want. Don’t go in blind; if you have no idea what you want, it will be impossible to find the perfect solution.

  1. Keep The Space Clean And Well-Organized

When it comes to maintaining a home, there’s no question that the space that matters most is the kitchen. If you’re a middle-class family that doesn’t have the luxury of living in a home with a full-time chef, then you’ll need to be extra vigilant when it comes to cleaning your kitchen.

As such, it’s important to keep your kitchen clean and well-organized. Start with the counters. While it may seem counter intuitive, making sure that your kitchen is clean and well-organized will increase the space in the kitchen. This is because the majority of kitchen appliances are designed to be used on surfaces, not on the floor. By keeping your counters clean and organized, you’ll be able to use more of them.

Stylish terrace dining and barbeque décor with contrasting grey furniture with green chairs and planters for centre table.

Next, consider your cabinets. The majority of kitchens come with basic storage units, but they often look messy and untidy. Make sure that you’re investing in a set of well-organized cabinets that will help you use the space efficiently.

Finally, make sure that the appliances are clean. Since most appliances are designed to sit on surfaces, it’s important to make sure that they are kept clean so that they last longer. While this may mean that you need to invest in a dishwasher or vacuum cleaner, you’ll be able to spend less time washing the dishes and cleaning the floors.

  1. Add Color To The Bathroom

While a lot of families choose to redo their bathroom when they buy a new home, the truth is that you can always improve the space in your bathroom. This includes the bathtub, the shower, and even the floor.

In the case of the bathtub and shower, you can add color and style to them by painting them or installing colorful tiles. This will allow you to give the space a fresh look without spending a ton of money.

With the floor, you can add color and style by adding a colorful rug or even a new shower curtain. For example, if you need a new shower curtain, consider shopping for shower curtains that come with coordinating accessories, such as shower rod covers, towels, etc.

  1. Put A Book Shelf In Every Room

You don’t have to go crazy and have a bookshelf in every room. But if there is a closet or some other storage space in the room, make sure that there is a shelf inside. It doesn’t have to be a huge shelf either. You could also buy books in bulk and use these in the other rooms in your house. This way, every room can have something to keep it looking nice, organized, and neat.

Stylish composition of bedroom interior. Beautiful bed sheets, blanket and pillows. Template. Modern home staging.

In conclusion, these are some of the most popular 3BHK interior design ideas that you can use to make your 3BHK flat look more attractive and appealing.