• August 22, 2020
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With the outbreak of coronavirus, regularly sanitising and disinfecting your house is vital for keeping yourself and your family safe and healthy. Person to person transmission of COVID-19 is riskier than transmission via surfaces. So that is why it is vital to disinfect first when any item or person enters your house.


Recent studies show that the coronavirus can remain for three days on the surfaces such as plastic and stainless steel. You may be cleaning your home daily with soup, and water, but to ensure hygiene in the house, you need to disinfect to kill germs.


The best way to disinfect your whole house is to clean every room separately. It will ensure that all the rooms are properly sanitised and disinfected.


How to sanitise your bedroom?


Your bedroom is a place where you use to rest and sleep after a long day. Moreover, after lockdown, for most of the people bedroom has become the second office. There are many frequently touched surfaces such as mattresses, bedsheets, pillows, and blankets that need to be disinfected daily. Therefore, to make your bed and related items germ-free, use a good quality detergent, water, bleach and a multi-purpose disinfectant spray.


It also vital to clean and disinfect your wardrobe. It is the most frequently touched item in your bedroom. First, take out all the clothes and end then clean and disinfect each drawer with multi-purpose disinfectant spray. And don’t forget to sanitise all the clothes.


How to disinfect your bathroom?


Disinfecting your bathroom is a must because most of the harmful diseases are caused by the germs present in your bathroom. Wear rubber gloves before applying domex or bleach to clean toilet.


There are some regularly touched surfaces in your bathroom such as toilet, flush handle, seat, washbasins, taps and door handles that should be clean daily. Moreover, don’t forget to disinfect these surfaces with domex disinfectant spray. Lastly, do not forget to disinfect face and hand towels and other bathroom linen thoroughly to kill germs.


How to disinfect your kitchen?

Sanitising and disinfecting your kitchen is vital because this is a place where all the eating items are kept. You need to keep your kitchen disinfect by washing the platform and utensils daily by dishwashing liquid. There are regularly touched surfaces in your kitchens such as appliances, countertop and cabinet handles. 


Moreover, disinfecting your kitchen floor with domex floor cleaner is also vital because the floor contains harmful germs. But use it very carefully, as take a look that it should not touch the food.


How to sanitise your living room?


Your living room is getting messy with the family spending more time due to lockdown. Moreover, the living room has the most regularly touched surface like the door handles and switchboards.


Make a routine of cleaning your living room by wiping down all the regularly touched surfaces such as door handles, switches, chairs, sofa and shelves. Disinfecting the floor with a domex floor cleaner is vital because it contains sodium hypochlorite as an active ingredient that kills germs.

How to clean and sanitise your home if you have a sick person in your house?


If you have a Sick person in your house then you have to take extra precautions. The person should stay in a separated room and use a separated bathroom. Moreover, you can provide the cleaning supplies to the sick person so that he can clean himself on his own. If you are sharing your bathroom with him then he must clean and disinfect the space after each use. 




De Panache being apartment interior design bangalore requests you to follow these best tips of disinfecting to protect your house from germs and harmful viruses. Keep in mind that sanitise properly before you or any other of your family member come back to the home from outside.