• August 16, 2020
Bedroom interior design ideas

Nowadays, everyone is using Vaastu to bring some positive energy at their home, but most of the people might not believe that there are bad energies as well as good energies in the world. People place various kinds of objects in the house to attract positive energies such as love, good luck, monetary, and prosperity. 


However, there are some other objects present in our house that attract negative energies. These objects can interfere with the positive energies reflect by some objects. 


Vaastu Shastra has identified a set of positive energy, reflecting objects that we use for our happiness and wellbeing by eliminating objects that cause anxiety, stress, and sadness.


Listed below are some objects that reflect negative energies you should remove by best interior design company in bangalore:



  • Remove Broken Glasses 



Everyone says that broken glasses or crockeries reflect negative energies that are not good for our wellbeing. However, you might not know that broken glasses bring sadness, anxiety, and stress. So, remove these broken things from your home to bring positive energy



  • Remove Body Parts of Dead Animal



We have noticed that some people like to decorate their home with body parts of animals. They thought that it would enhance the appeal of their house. Decorating home with body parts of animals such as tiger skin, ivory, snails, shells, and horns bring bad luck and sadness in the home. 



  • Dead or Artificial Flowers



Consider some vital things while keeping flowers in pots inside the house. Take a look that the flowers do not get dry. However, some people do not take care of their flowers, and the flowers get dry or dead. Since there is no life in a dry flower, they reflect negative energy in the house. 



  • Stained and Broken Mirrors



It is always said that mirrors play a vital role in good and bad energy. However, it is believed that the mirror should be in proper condition. If there is a mirror that is broken or stained present in your house then remove it hurry up!  



  • Remove Thorny Plants



Many people have a passion for planting. They start planting some beautiful plants inside their house. But some of the thorny plants such as cactus are not good for our home because these types of plants bring problems between couples and some other negative energies. 



  • Paintings Depicting Wars



Many people have a hobby to decorate their houses with a lot of paintings. Somewhere, paintings look beautiful hanging on the walls but not all the paintings are good for our home. Paintings such as wars, drowning ship, wild animals, and sharp weapons bring aggressiveness inside the house. It could bring about family discords.



  • A Foul Smell in the House



Nobody wants their house stinks badly. A foul smell reflects negative energy in the house. Therefore, many people use oils like lavender, rosemary, and sandalwood to purify their homes and bring positive energy. 



  • Remove Dirty Mops 



For positiveness in your house, dirty mops and cleaning rags must be thrown out. Old mops, papers, and newspapers must be removed regularly, as they create hurdles to positive energy.



  • Expired Food and Beverages



According to Vaastu Shastra, foods, and beverages that got expired are the cause of diseases, anxiety, stress, and panic attacks. Therefore, expired foods and beverages should be removed immediately.




Lastly, Vaastu Shastra is a must for your house because it brings happiness, positive energy, and eliminates anxiety, stress, and sadness. Therefore, many things need to be removed or replaced to get rid of negative energies.