Jayabheri Hyderabad



Interior designing is an art that takes into consideration not only the science it has in it but also carefully nurtures one’s ideas, taste, and interest. De Panache has always tried to deliver more than it could, thus always pushing the boundaries of excellence and creating beautiful study rooms. This Villa has been carved with love by the team where comfort and luxury were the two terms that would define each other. The bedroom has been presented in the most simple yet sophisticated solid colors, complementing it is the full-length beautiful curtains in ash and white. The backdrop of the master bedroom has been decked up in the exclusive collection of Handcut glass mosaics.



Getting inspired by nature, this piece of artwork renders nature’s most amazing creation – the flower.  This masterpiece which has been created from Handcut mosaic pieces stained in glass-forming into a rose and its stalks and petals deepen into the water. These perfect combinations give a serene feeling to the whole room. The stained glass, meticulously recomposed into finely crafted mosaics of color, gives a lavish individuality to the interior. The king-size bed and other furnishings have also been coordinated in the solid pastel shades of the palette, making it a treat for the eye to watch.



De Panache believes in giving the touch of royalty in each corner of their interiors, thus, the natural tree trunk cut center table is a humungous example of it. Supporting it is the velvety cushioned sitting chairs which are exactly what, required for the décor. Adding to the panache of the interior is the huge island dressing storage which is an extravagant addition in itself. The mirror on the wardrobe reflects the vivacious interior which speaks of sophistication and luxury. The crystal chandelier and the cove lights are the perfect addition to light up the whole interior. To go with the whole décor the TV unit has been kept simple as it had to show up the wooden rafters that have been put on the other wall of the master bedroom interior.



The landing which makes the way to the first floor has been beautifully decked up with simple yet classy elements. The wooden staircase with a glass railing is a magnificent addition. Just below the staircase, we have created a pebble bed dry garden with planters put here and there. It makes the look more lively and original. The accent wall of the landing has been beautifully done with hand-carved stone depicting the falling of maple leaves. It marks the beginning of a new season, a new life and a new journey. Thus, it symbolizes the cycle of life quite naturally. The matt look has been given to keep it understated yet elegant. Just at the front of the accent wall is the marble top console which makes space look more vivacious. The crystal chandelier perfectly highlights these unique additions of the décor. The slightly back wall of the place has been decked up in a beige colored European wall covering which is extremely elegant. The abstract painting and the simple cabinet make the place look perfect with the touch of royalty in every corner. 

The entrance waiting area has been extended and it further opens up to the dining area. The main door has been framed and put in a tinted mirror covering the whole wall which smartly doubles up the whole space. Hanging from one side of it is the crystal chandelier, the sidewall of the main door has been decked up in the banana fibre European wall covering, which are not only the best in the market but it gives an amazing finishing to the whole interior. De Panache tries to give the best to their clients. With years of experience and research their team picks up the most unique and one of a kind things, it is almost like a boutique. The abstract painting has maximized and established an immediate mood for a room through the elements of color, pattern, and composition. In a room where socializing will occur, an energetic pattern or a composition that implies movement can set a lively mood. Here again, the team has given a dry garden concept with a pebble bed welcoming nature in the minute corners of the interior. The dining area has been divided with a semi see-through wooden partition which has been deliberately put to make space look long yet marked. With the beautiful floral patterned marble cut jail design, the sitting area has also been separated from the other side of the house. The panel lights infused into the frame highlight this beautiful art form, this royal beauty which is a gift from the land of sand. The marble flooring and the customized rug along with the sitting chairs all have been put complementing the whole décor. 

This walk-in-closet is a dream to have and not many can have it as it requires that skill and expertise for the execution. We at De Panache have mastered this art and thus, we present to you your dream in reality.  The island dressing storage is a treat for the eyes, the transparent covering makes it quite easy and viable to choose your dresses from outside. We have built-in the extra storage as asked by our clients and made the whole interior look spacious and vibrant. The crystal chandelier has been perfectly placed to light up the whole interior. The natural tree trunk cut center table is another royal element to the interior. The whole space has been given a clean but vibrant look. Thus, we have matched the furnishings of this room in solid colors giving that look which could match up with the whole interior. With each project, we build up the expectations of our clients on us, thus, with our dedication and taste in this art form, we have become one of the best-known staircase designs. Your ideas are our road map and we start our journey along with you and execute it for you.