• August 31, 2020
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Colours are the building blocks in interior designing. We may think that it is easy to choose the colours for our home decor. But it is not right. There are many other things to take care of while selecting colours. It is vital to understand how colours make you feel.


Colour psychology is the theory, how colours affect your life, thinking and action and always taken into consideration by best interior design firms in bangalore


Choose the right colour. 


There are many reasons to choose the right colour like decreasing foul smells, improving curb appeal, making your home feel better and to set the right mood in your home. Below in this article, we are going to show you the best tips for how to choose the right colour for your home to set the right mood.


Orange colour:


As earlier I had said, orange colour represents energy, brightness and fun. Moreover, as we know that orange colour is made of red and yellow colour, so it contains both warmth and vivacity. Applying this colour in our home decor can make us feel overwhelmed. Additionally, using peachy and softer shades can be calm and relaxing.


Red colour:


Depending on the tone of the colour, it can be dramatic, earthy and warm. However, deep crimson in the Red colour represents boldness and creates drama and passion. Whereas, rustiness in this colour shows cosy ambience. Lastly, red colour can stimulate the body, mind and cause people to react faster.


Yellow colour:


Yellow colour represents happiness, sunshine and energy. Moreover, it can also spark up the wellbeing of people and encourage communication. But keep in mind that don’t overuse it because it can cause anxiety and stress. Lastly, it can stimulate the nerves and purify the body. 


Green colour:


Using green colour brings nature inside our home and creates harmony and balance. Moreover using light spring green is smooth and helps to increase focus and creativity. And deep emerald or hunter green can create elegance and intensity.


Blue colour:


Blue colour represents serenity, calmness and is a colour for spaces such as a bedroom or bathroom. Sky blue or light blue is versatile in every place and gives you relaxation. Whereas, royal blue or deep navy gives the feeling of luxury. Moreover, it also treats pain and fights illness.


Purple colour:


From long it has been said, purple colour is the colour of royalty and represents spirituality and creativity. Light lavender colour in purple shows calmness and mixes well with orange and grey colour. Whereas, deep plum colour creates boldness and luxury exotic flair. Moreover, studies show that about 75% of children choose a purple colour more than any other colour.


Pink colour:


The pink colour is favourite among girls because it gives a touch of feminine flair. Over the past few years, it’s popularity is seen to be high because of increasing demand for millennial pink and blush shades. However, dark magenta colour can add drama, whereas greyish pink can soften the space.


Black colour:


The black colour is also favourite among many people because it creates the feeling of luxury, elegance and sophistication. We mostly use it as an accent in our home interior because it quickly becomes overwhelming and dreary. 


White colour:


The white is the colour of peace, purity and cleanliness. However, with an increase in the popularity of Scandinavian design, now most of the designers start using white colour on walls and white furniture. Having white interior can make us feel modern and fresh, but it can be boring without using the right accessories.




Giving a touch of wood tone, leather, and natural elements with brown colour is a great way to make it feel like home and make it warm. It is very versatile so we can use it with any style of interior design.


Lastly, it is vital to choose the right colour in your home that speaks to you and set your mood after a long hard-working day. Keep in mind what the purpose of each colour is and use it accordingly.