• August 2, 2021
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Nowadays, everyone is switching to solar energy to save money. However, you may get surprised to know there are more benefits of solar energy than just a few dollars off your wallet. 


If you are deciding to install solar energy on your roof, then it becomes vital to know the pros and cons of solar energy. And this article is a comprehensive guide to solar power by De Panache. So keep your eyes.


Why prioritising solar energy is beneficial?


Firstly, it is vital to understand that why people are prioritising solar energy. We all know that the sun rays are empowering the entire world. Therefore, think, how beneficial it will be for you to install solar power.


As we all know, installing solar power is very expensive. But we can’t deny the truth, after installation it gives relief to our pocket by saving a lot of energy. If enough people start installing solar power on their roofs, then it will be better for our environment.


Nowadays, researchers have developed new solar batteries that are effective and efficient. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about the sun, researchers have said that the sun will shine for 5 billion years.


Pros and cons of solar panels


Before installing solar panels on your roof, it is vital to know the pros and cons of solar panels.




As we have said before, solar panels decrease our electric utility costs. Additionally, the money of the installation process is also lowering across the country.


Moreover, it also increases the value of your property. So, if you have a solar panel on your roof, then you may plan to move. By doing so you can regain some of your investment through the sale.




  1. Not applicable for all types of roofs:  Solar panels are not appropriate for all types of roofs. However, it is difficult to install solar panels on ceilings made of cedar or slate. Moreover, if your house has skylights or a roof deck, then it becomes challenging to install solar panels.




There is a solution to this. Instead of a roof, you can install solar panels on the ground. You can talk to your neighbours and set up a community solar garden.


  • Installation fees are high:  It is one of the common drawbacks that we all know. Solar power upfront the cost of installation. However, you will find zero financings in establishing. Lastly, the installation process is costlier.




Nowadays, the government is providing tax credits to help homeowners to install solar power. Moreover, various states are offering grants to upfront the cost of installation.

The right time to purchase solar panels


Solar panels are not a short-term investment. It takes time to recoup the installation cost. Therefore, if you have a proper plan to move in decades, then it is the best time to buy solar panels. Moreover, if you have time to recoup your investment, then solar power still works across the world.

Final thoughts


So now you get to know everything about solar energy. Therefore, start planning to install solar panels on your roof and get a few dollars off your electricity bill.