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De Panache, an innovator in the field of interior designing is backed by an arsenal of highly skilled interior designers who always strive to raise the bar with every new concept of design. We are based out of Koramangala, Bangalore and have been guiding clients for ages to build their one true dream home. Our notions of interior designing are not only limited to creating aesthetically pleasing interiors but also to designing spaces that offer a peaceful and relaxing vibe to the overall environment. We prioritize the design and put forward our highly passionate team of designers to work in tandem with the clients preferences. Being one of the top interior decorators in Bangalore, understanding our clients’ aesthetic as well as lifestyle needs is a significant part of our daily routine. We include our clients at every point of the luxury home interiors project to ensure clients settle only for the best designed home.

Who We Are

At De Panache, we create conceptual signature interior designs. Our team of highly-skilled interior designers strives to raise the bar with their modern house interior design and work in tandem with the client’s personal vision of their dream home. Time and again, we have been counted among the best interior designers in Bangalore and have been known to give our best attention to detail in everything we do in home interiors.

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What we do

No matter what your preferences are, be it eclectic, vintage, neo-classical, modern, or futuristic, we can customize all kinds of home interior design ideas that reflect your lifestyle and your personality. We work on both residential and apartment interior design projects. Our luxury interior designers in Bangalore have amazing home décor ideas for living room and other spaces which can transform the look of your living room, foyer, modular kitchen, gallery, master bedroom, and every other part of your home to suit your sensibilities

We assure you of:

  • Fluid, minimalistic designs
  • Stunning accent walls and focal points
  • Luxurious furnishings
  • Pleasing color palettes and smart textures
  • Functional and sophisticated forms and finishes

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Residential Interior Services

The interior designers at De Panache have a deep passion for bringing dull, boring, and cheerless spaces into lovely home interiors. Our core design ideology lies in creating an atmosphere of ease that delights you every time you step into your dream home. Our team of experts is always looking for ways to challenge themselves and deliver signature interior designs that can liven up the look of your residential home interior.

Interior Design Companies in Bangalore

Apartment Interior Design

We understand how much our clients love to bring a luxurious yet informal ambiance in their urban abodes. Working on apartments presents us with challenges that drive us to create designs that not only warms the heart but also compliments the urban lifestyle. We always strive to deliver the best home interior to our clients which makes us one of the best interior designers in Bangalore. It is no wonder in bangalore best interior designers is a term always associated with us.

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Our Design Process

Our Process is unique by the fact that we are detail-oriented, we ensure that the client approves all the designs and materials from starting till the end.

  1. We begin by understanding what the client has in mind and follow the client with our previous work so they get an idea of how we can shape things for them.
  2. Once the client is on board, we drop in at your place to take pictures and do 3D modeling at our base.
  3. We spend time brainstorming and thinking out of the box to come up with something unique each time and a tailor-made solution is presented to the client
  4. Upon client’s nod, we start the execution under supervision which is regularly monitored.
  5. We always strive to finish the execution as close as possible to the 3D designs approved, ready to deliver a gift of a lifetime!



Guru Prasad

“I had a great experience working with Depanache team, they have been patient enough to understand and cater to my tiny details and ensured the process is smooth. Was more than happy to recommend their team to my colleagues.”

Smita M

“Got referred by a friend to use their services. I take design very seriously and had a huge family which was going to shift to my new place. I was very clear of what I wanted and the team almost surprised me with the end result. Their team of interior designers are very passionate and their work speaks from them”

Ruksana Shroff

“We were looking for the best interior designer in bangalore that can show us something we have never seen, I had a few doubts over the quality of material and the way everything would come up and I am glad to say the team did not disappoint me, what satisfied me most was the quality of material used and the creative design of my home”

Our Achievements

Delivering excellence in designing luxury residential places is our forte. We have honed the art of understanding our clients and developing designs that balance client requirements and creativity. We have served a clientele ranging from directors of multiple MNCs to South Indian celebrities, proving De Panache to be one of the top interior design firms in Bangalore. With collaborations Pan India and aboard, we bring on board a team of talented interior designers and make use of exclusive materials from Europe at our flagship experience center. It’s now easy to create international quality interiors. Get in touch with the best designers in Bangalore and view the plethora of designs we have to offer.

Interior Design Companies Vs Local Vendors

Hiring an expert interior designer for your space is not only for the sake of professionalism but also for their rich experience and innovative home interiors ideas. You may find any furniture appealing in your living room, but an interior designer can tell you if it really goes with your room’s aesthetics or not. They can suggest the best possible way to place your bed which can make your room feel less congested.

The main difference between a professional interior designing company designing your house and a local vendor doing it can be prominently distinguished in terms of quality of work, experience and time of completion. With more than 20 years of experience and completion of innumerable projects, De Panache is an acclaimed interior design company in Bangalore and has carved a niche in all kinds of dream home interior solutions. At De Panache, we always ensure that we have best interior designing ideas for every taste and budget.

Design Aspects in Interior Designing

A perfect design is an amalgamation of different elements that make any space beautiful as well as functional. Interior designing professionals consider the following aspects while planning and executing any home interiors project:

  • Proper space planning: The main goal of an interior designing professional is to plan any space layout after considering all details and identifying the requirements of people using it so that the area can be made both functional and aesthetically appealing. 
  • Choice of materials: The interior designers keep the budget in mind while identifying the suitable materials for flooring, coating, furniture, upholstery, etc. Additionally, they use a mix of elements to create the right textures and contrasts that enhance the décor and prevent it from being monotonous.
  • Lighting: Lighting plays a vital role in designing any interior as it can affect the visibility and mood of the area. The interior designers plan the perfect blend of direct lighting and ambience to create the desired effect in any room. 
  • Colour: A professional interior designer has necessary knowledge and training to choose the right colour for any space which not only adds to the beauty of the room but also has a positive psychological effect on the inhabitants’ mood. 

Benefits of Hiring Interior Designers in Bangalore

Interior designers in Bangalore come in handy under below mentioned circumstances:

  • During time constraint – When you don’t have enough time to design or decorate your space, a professional designer can be great help. They understand your specific needs and create a cozy space for you.
  • Save a lot of money – By hiring top interior firms in Bangalore, the chances of unnecessary expenditure reduces to a great extent.
  • Avail the services of an expert – A professional interior designer has good knowledge of this field. They combine their expertise and experience with creative visualization to customize the look of your dream home or work place according to your requirement and preference.
  • Proper planning: The planning of the entire project is done before hand and the budget is also considered accordingly so that you get an idea of the expenses. In Bangalore best interior designers are known for proper creative planning in areas like the modular kitchen.
  • Versatility: A professional interior designer will manage the entire project in an efficient manner. You don’t have to worry about finding and coordinating with different vendors, contractors and other professionals who are needed for your project.

Get what you really want: Professional interior designers are armed with a practical understanding of the psychological concept that help them plan a project in a manner that would truly satisfy your home interiors needs.

Why to Choose De Panache for your Interior Design?

  • One Stop Solutions

De Panache can save you the hassle of coordinating with different professionals in bangalore best interior designers choose good materials for your interior designing work where miscommunication may cause costly errors. Our team comprises of all relevant designing professionals including renovation experts, landscaping experts, plumbers, carpenters, etc.

  • Skilled and Experience

All our professionals have more than 10 years of experience in this field. We are highly skilled and have many satisfied clients as well as referrals.

  • Attention to Detail

Our interior design process is completely client oriented where we give extreme attention to details.

  • Professional Work

Our team always makes sure that there is minimal distraction to the occupants’ daily activities, therefore, precautionary steps are taken to protect other parts of the building from any kind of damage.

  • Transparency throughout the project

We communicate the status of the project to the client at each and every stage of the interior designing process and proceed only after the client is satisfied and gives approval.

  • Customer oriented

De Panache is a customer-oriented company and we believe in offering the best interior designing services to our clients. We customize each and every project as per the customers’ expectations and ensure to deliver the project on time.

  • Follow the latest design and decoration trends

Our team is well-versed in latest trends that include European Neo-classical design, European subtle monochromatic interiors, space-saving concepts, functional forms and luxurious finishes, use of accent walls, subtle minimalist false ceilings and velvet fabrics, etc.

  • Very competitive Rates

We deliver high quality interior designing services at highly competitive prices. When you contact us for quotation, you will find that our packages are truly affordable and customized as per your budget limits.

So, if you want to decorate your newly built dream house, need assistance to refurbish your office interior or simply planning to give your space a facelift then you can count on De Panache. Fill our form to know about our services and interior decorator cost. 


With our core excellence in designing and supervising residential places, we have honed the art of understanding our client and preparing the design with a balance of our creativity and the taste of our customers. Proving De Panache to be one of the top interior designers in Bangalore. We have served clients ranging from directors of multiple MNCs to celebrities of south India.

Do you design individual rooms?

No, we don’t however it depends on how big of a space you have.

Where do you source the materials that are used in our design projects?

Our luxury interior designers in Bangalore source the finest textiles, forms, fixtures, and more from across the globe. Once you drop in at our experience center, you can have a look at our materials, designs, and everything we have done in the past. Please book an appointment in advance.

How much do residential Interior Designers in Bangalore charge?

This is a very subjective question and something that depends on the clients’ requirements. We are into luxury residences and we take pride in our unique collection of materials and designs.

Why should I hire an interior designer?

Though it may sound unbelievable, hiring an interior designer can actually help you save a lot of money. By hiring one of the top interior firms in Bangalore, you can reduce the chances of making costly mistakes and avail the services of a professional at the same time. While working with an interior designer, the planning and budgeting are done before the project starts. So, you will have a clear idea of the proposed expenses. Another reason to hire an interior designer is that you don’t have to worry about contacting and coordinating with the vendors, contractors, and other professionals required for the interior designing project. The professional designer will take care of all this and leave you free to go about your usual work.

What is the role of an interior designer, and what can they do for you?

An interior designer helps make the most of the available space. They also design and decorate the interior space based on your specific requirements, preferences, and budget. The various other tasks of an interior designer include:

  • Creating a design theme based on your preferences
  • Creating and sharing the preliminary designs for your approvals
  • Specifying requirements for electric layout, lighting, furnishing, wall paint colors, plumbing, and flooring
  • Preparing a schedule for the interior designing project
  • Coordinating with the vendors and contractors for supplies and services
  • Communicating the project status to the clients regularly

What is the difference between interior decorators and interior designers?

The terms interior designing and interior decoration are often used interchangeably. However, they are two different services. An interior designer works with the entire space and creates a functional layout in accordance with the client’s preferences and requirements. Interior decoration is more to do with decorating the interiors with loose furniture, décor items and more to make the space more aesthetic. Interior designers can do both designing and decoration, but interior decorators cannot do design.

How do I choose the right interior designer in Bangalore?

There are many famous interior designers in Bangalore. To find the right designer for your home project, you:

  • Should visit at least one completed site rather than checking only the display center
  • Should feel confident the primary designer is able to understand your requirements and deliver the results that you are looking for in your budget
  • Should show you unique materials you have never seen in your life  
  • Should check their portfolio and past projects completed by the interior design firm
  • Should have a consultation with the interior designers

To work with the top interior designing agency in Bangalore, just call us at 080 4095 2727

What are the interior design and decoration trends in 2022?

The trending home decor 2022 are:

  • European Neo-Classical design 
  • Space-saving concepts for Apartment living.
  • European subtle monochromatic interiors
  • Functional forms and finishes
  • Use of Natural Stones and Wood.
  • Accent walls in each room.
  • Subtle minimalist false ceilings
  • Velvet fabrics

Our skilled interior designers can incorporate the latest design trends as well as your specific preferences in the spaces.

What are the types of Interior Designing Style in 2022 that De Panache offering?

De Panache offers personalized interior designs and styles based on your likes and preferences for your dream home. Our designs are customized according to space, its function, and your budget. You can be assured of the following design styles when you hire us:

  • European Contemporary & Neo-Classical interiors 
  • Luxurious furnishings
  • Functional forms and finishes
  • Stunning colors and unique materials.

What makes De Panache different from other interior firms in Bangalore?

De Panache is one of the top luxury interior designers in Bangalore that focusses on delivering excellence in the design and use of our unique collection of materials. Whether you want eclectic, modernistic, minimalistic, vintage or neo-classical, we can create the interior design based on your requirements. Our design process is completely client-oriented with extreme attention to detail. We communicate the status of every stage of the design process and only proceed after the client’s approval. DePanache is one of the top interior designing firms in Bangalore as we aim to provide designs that are the perfect combination of innovativeness, creativity, and customer requirements for your customised home interiors.

What type of projects can De Panache do?

De Panache designs residential interiors and apartment interiors in Bangalore. From 2 BHKs to huge villas, we can work on all types of residential spaces. We offer both interior designing and interior decorating services.

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